Sunday, June 10, 2012

Scorchzilla Contest Results

The contest is over and the results are in, The winners of the Scorchzilla pets pictures will be displayed along side their picture. The codes will be distributed as soon as possible, so be patient. (Even is you didn't win a Scorchzilla pet there are still other prizes you might have won so check your e-mail!)

 Alura Roseblade

Ashley Wildstone 

 Chris Ironwhipser

Christina Shadowthief 

 Deidre Silvertail

 Destiny Wildheart

 Devin Ghostgem

 Heather Nightbringer

 Iridian Liontamer

 Isaac Stormfalme

 Jacob Legendheart

 Jasmine Summerflame

 Jason Thundershield

 Jordan Soulhammer

Logan Spellforge 

 Michael Crowspear

 Michael Hawk

 Morgan Mythcaster

 Paige Dreamcloud

Sierra Mist 


Tatiana Sarkleeyes 

 Wolf Ravenshade

Alexandra Storrmbringer

Thanks to all who entered and have fun!
Tenure for Dworgyn and RAWR!


  1. Congrats winners! :P

  2. I sent a question to your email~ If you can answer it I would appreciate it! :) Thanks Isaac!

  3. I won 10000 crowns! O.O Thanks so much!

  4. Got the new scorchzilla :) thanks for the awesome contest and I'm looking forward to playing with the new pet!