Monday, February 28, 2011

Quick Announcement: Test Realm is No More

Here's what you can expect.

  • New Castles!

A summer home from the makers of the storm house
Space. it's here

  • Membership Benefits!
~ more friends
~ more backpack space
WOO! 20 whole more items

~ decreased timers

  • Hand of DOOM!

Long Live Mallistaire!
  • And countless other tidbits HERE
Happy Playing

    Sunday, February 20, 2011

    The Suntier~ A Red Spy Followed by the Night Sky...

    It seems like forever hasn't it since I've dabbled into theory crafting, well we last left our brave pyromancer on his way to the seamstress...
    "Ah yes deary, for a cactus costume that elaborate we'll need the real thing. I'll need 10 Cacti Skins and some Sun Essence to make it life like. Unfortunately the Sun Essence can only be found from Oximus Maximus, the leader of the cacti. Just take the cave behind the shop to find him."

    After what seemed like 87 battles you eventually had enough skins, so when you reached the cave you were pretty wiped out so you asked a friend to help, after he came the two of you, Fire and Myth, went in.

    "Who dares to enter my humble abode!" He looks strait at you expecting an answer "Answer foolish wizard!"
    He waits a bit more. "GAH!" then charges into battle.

    After a long and tiring battle it was finally over, the sun was ours. So I headed up to the shop to return the materials, and started talking to the seamstress, "Good job, now just let me get them ready." After an impossibly fast wait she hands you a costume, and tells you to put it on. "this will let you be able to talk with other cacti, but be careful, if you mess up talking to them you'll have to battle them." (i.e. ninja pig suit, rat suit)

    After all that you look at your silly costume and go into the rest room ( not really you change instantaneously, but for sake of normal-ness...) and come out to greet the sheriff, "Great Scott! a cacti beas... oh I didn't recognize you young wizard, meet me at the rendezvous point, the hide out. It's just beyond those sigils."


    Next time " A Spy, A Cactus, and A Brownie"

    Happy Playing