Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bengal Tigers Galore!

Okay, here's the run down, I have 15 Bengal Tigers to give away courtesy of Kings Isle.

There will be 5 different contest announced between April 1st and April 5th. The contests will each run for 2 days, so there will usually be 2 contests at a time.

The First contest will be a to solve a "Puzzle" on the 1st of April.
The Second contest will be "Your Favorite Dialogue in Game" on the 2nd of April.
The Third contest will be to "Create an Image with Color, or Words of An Item you Want Added into the Game"on the 3rd of April.
The last two are currently secret, so stay awake everyone!

                                Why yes that is me, thank you.
  Tenure for Dworgyn!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Theorycrafting: The Beginning?

Recently, all of the philosophers in the spiral have come together for one reason. The question they have picked there mind over for so long. The question that has been around since inter-world activities.

Is it a bird? A plane? No, It's Plato!
Why, if we were all one giant world in the past, why can't we find manders on Marlybone, or cows in Grizzleheim?

You could say, "Oh but there are dogs in Krok, and in Celestia. And there are other worldly creature in wizard city." But they traveled one way or another to there destination, there heritage is from there home world.

You could also say magic,  but it seems that theory would also be crass, because the way the worlds were made, in all of the creation story's, Yes even the giant bone of Marlybone theory, were very unmagical, from wars, to over sized dog treats. Nothing was adding up.

Until very recently, there was no evidence that this theory would hold water, but then wizards started to explore and gather data...

They discovered multiple sightings of pixies, imps, and colossi. The theories were starting to be recognized and researched, but they were still missing why the main races were static to there own world.

Then crafting came into view and more evidence that the worlds were connected at one point.
Here are some examples that they found; Fire Flowers, Black Lotus, and Cat Tails were all found on multiple worlds.

But after all that the one question remains. Why aren't the main races on multiple worlds?

Only two beings in the spiral may know the answer, but ones memory is broken, and the other is missing.
On a world called Wintertusk.

Will this burning question be explained in the new world? Well have to wait and see, but in the mean-time


Tenure for Dworgyn!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Theorycrafting: Wintertusk

Fifteen million people have played Wizard101. How do you go about retaining them?(From Massively)

(From KI)
We announced 15 million back in January, but we had an even bigger month in February, which is typically a down month in the wintertime. So the growth continues to be outstanding.
We have a new world launching called Wintertusk. It's the completion of Grizzleheim, and it's for players level 50 and above. It really continues on that story arc, so players will get the background of Mother Raven's storyline, and it will bring her to the forefront of the game. We have new level 58 pets coming out, but we also have to balance it with what we do for new players. One of the things we did was redesign the underwater zone used in the Selena Quest for lower-level characters. We continue the story, not with Selena, but with the Crab King. When he met Selena, he uncovered the concept of the rock and roll world. I don't want to spoil anything, but look for a rock lobster in the game.


Wintertusk will complete the epic storyline that began with Grizzleheim and will offer new things to do, and areas to explore for all levels of young Wizards. 

Walks away slowly, looking back every so often.
I just love contradictions, there so much fun :)

Okay so there are two statements that tell two different things,
Statement one; This will be open to players 50+
Statement two; This will be open to players 10-60+
Statement two (a redux); This will be open to 50+, but will be previewed by some way or another.

So what do you think it is? What is in your hopes and dreams? why am I asking you these questions? Who Am I? Look a dinosaur? Phi? 

Look for a poll on that side of the page --->

Tenure for Dworgyn!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Theorycrafting: Grandmother Raven

First off who is she, and why is she so famous with everybody except you, the ill-informed viewer?
Friendly Raven, or Terrible Mutant spider?
Back when we were all level 10 we might have wandered into the library, and we might have seen Boris with a "!"over his head. But then again you might not have, but if you did this would've taken you on the quest "Roving Reporter". That quest would have given you "The Trees", followed by the quest "Old Men". In that quest you would be told to talk to Gamma, Merle, and then finally Bartylbe.

In the quest where you talk to Bartylbe, he tells you about a raven who helped him create the world.  This raven was Grandmother Raven. They also created the Dragons, the Tritons, and the Giants. These three beings spawned off into their own races, eventually destroying the world and making the spiral.

See, his eye IS gone. I think an eye patch is in order.
Later in the timeline Grandmother Raven has disappeared, along with Bartylbe's eye. It was originally thought that Mallistaire might have the eye, but it has since proven false.

So perhaps She has it, or even she controls all evil and good throughout the spiral.

Another thing, it is still unknown weather this world will be a side world, or a main world, although it is supposed to have features for both new and experienced wizards so evidence goes to the side of side world.

In Wintertusk we may learn about these mysteries and more, but for now we can only wait.

(Here are the official update notes stolen shamelessly from my e-mail)
The upcoming Wizard101 World will be called Wintertusk.  
Wintertusk will complete the epic storyline that began with Grizzleheim. 
The update will offer new things to do, and areas to explore, for powerful high-level Wizards AND lower-level students just beginning their adventures.  
Some of the things that players will have to look forward to with this update include:
•    Brand new areas for high-level Wizards to discover and explore•    New spells•    Level 58 class pets for each primary School •    A revamped underwater introduction zone for lower level characters. This area will continue the story of the Crab King. •    Many additional surprises (we are saving some of the best details to reveal at a later date). 
Tenure for Dworgyn!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Theorycrafting: Frogs

"Question: Inquiring minds(Question to KI)
Where do the frogs such as Prof. Balestrom and Thurston Plunkett,
come from?

Answer(From KI)
Halston Balestrom and Thurston Plunkett were exchange students in Marleybone. Roommates, even. Where they are actually from... that’ll be revealed someday."

A world...... with frogs?
Okay first the facts,
we all know there are *5* frogs found throughout the spiral (*Another frog has come up to be interveiwed since I first wrote this post.)
Example One:
Thurston Plunkett
Explorer, studied at Marlybone, needs a cane.
He's gonna drown you know, frogs aren't water breathers.

Example Two: 
Halston Balestrom
Teacher, studied at Marlybone, needs a cane.
Why do all frogs need canes? I mean seriously.
Example Three:
Humungo Frog
Obese, Earth-sized, Needs an antacid
Ghost versus Frog. almost like Pirate versus Ninja, but messier.
Example Four:
Private O'Connely
Frog in disguise, cares for fictional and delusional characters from books
The way he stands there, all the time... *shudders*

Interview One:
Street Sweeper
Street Sweeper.png
The mythical giant frog of um... that one place
Mistheart: What do you do for a living?
Sweeps: Why I'm a chimney sweep of course!
Mistheart: I see, where are you from?
Sweeps: Say, why are you asking me all these questions? That's a family secret!
Mistheart: Sorry Mr. Sweeps, this IS an interview, but if this wasn't a family where would you be from?
Sweeps: Candyland of course! Everything is FREE!
Mistheart :Is that all?
Sweeps: Of course not. CYCLOPS ATTACK THIS WIZARD!
Mistheart: Go. Efreet. 
Sweeps: darn.
(we also tried to interview the pet, but unfortunately it hopped away)
What we learned, A new world is either in concept or in production, with frogs in it.
Where do frogs live?
They live in...
Atlantic Cedar Swamp,Red Maple Swamp,and Pond
What does this mean? Well either there's a swamp in our next world, or a rainforest.
What we learned: Our Next world will have many biomes, for we don't want that whole water thing again, perhaps even a factory world where Morganth opened up a place where all sorts of cheap merchandising junk is made.

But until then
Tenure for Dworgyn!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

blogoversary : A (very) short post

This Friday is my first Wizerversary, so I may or not be hosting a little shindig this friday. For two reasons, my new house isn't ready, and two: My current house is a mess.
I'll post more info on the imaginary shindig soon.

Tenure for Dworgyn!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Brief History of Wizard101, and My Brief Story

September 2008: I wasn't here at this time, but In Wizard 101, the biggest thing ever was happening. bigger than CL, DS, and GH combined. It launched.

October 2008:  Wizard 101's first patch went live. I still wasn't in the spiral, but in fact the game changer for me happened during this month, Pay by Area was released.

November 2008: Isaac Mistheart was born to the spiral, around the end of the month. I will never be sure of the date, because i expected myself to be done and finished within a week, and I was for a while, but it was never un-installed, I did play it weekly, but with only easy chat available to me I wasn't really into it.

December 2008: I remember seeing that tree in the commons for the first time, wondering if there would be a gift for me under there. and by that time I gathered that there might be crowns in the chests, so that may be what kept me on, but then again, maybe it was the knowledge I was a minority in a game that would soon be one of the biggest games in United States, but then again I didn't have that knowledge.

January 2009: I don't think I did much this month in Wizzy, I didn't even try out PvP. I didn't get to go to DS, I was still level 11 wandering about like so many others, not knowing what came next.

I stole this.                  From W101 wiki*
February 2009: 30,000 crowns, and not a single on anything frivolous. I broke in that month, and am still ashamed of what I did to get what I wanted, I got angry, I still wonder if it was the right thing to do, It made bringing the game up hard for several months, only when I needed crowns did I muster up enough gutsy to ask.
Something else happened that month, the first major milestone: 1 million players, and thus everyone got what would be one of the most exclusive pets. ever. except for the pets that were given in compensation to the people who experienced the crash of September 2008, a day that will go down with a lot of curious lookers.

March 2009: By now I must have been in Marlybone because I don't recall voice acting, it was there in game, but not everywhere.

April 2009: I left the game, I really did. for about a month I was stuck at Katz Lab, it was this month that the little yellow "helper"showed up, also best friends feature too. If you'r wondering why I couldn't beat Katz Lab, it was because I was still that little boy who ran around in the commons from time to time. only having easy chat.

May 2009: I finally pushed myself to conquer Katz Lab, and run short again, I was stuck at the first area in MS, not for it was difficult, but I was out of crowns. then later that month castles came out, I remember getting more crowns to finish MS and to test out, the test realm, the timing was perfect, i didn't even realize that the test was close to coming out this was also the last test where they gave out gold instead of crowns.

June 2009: Summer was here, and I was at yet, another stand still, for another month, and this would be one of the hardest yet... TBC

Happy Playing