Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bengal Tigers Galore!

Okay, here's the run down, I have 15 Bengal Tigers to give away courtesy of Kings Isle.

There will be 5 different contest announced between April 1st and April 5th. The contests will each run for 2 days, so there will usually be 2 contests at a time.

The First contest will be a to solve a "Puzzle" on the 1st of April.
The Second contest will be "Your Favorite Dialogue in Game" on the 2nd of April.
The Third contest will be to "Create an Image with Color, or Words of An Item you Want Added into the Game"on the 3rd of April.
The last two are currently secret, so stay awake everyone!

                                Why yes that is me, thank you.
  Tenure for Dworgyn!


  1. You have a very nice site. I like your posts... keep up the good work. :)

  2. I just have to say... I just first time ever been on your site and i see all the fun i'm missing out on. You guys look like so fun and i like a little friendly competion so once i see a thing better watch out! Lol. -ryan emerald,carlos moongem, jack rainbowrunner, and tanner liOntamer. If you see me hangin out with BLAKE ir me just standing there say hi! And ill add you