Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Wild West is in the Spiral, but not in W101...

I was looking over the pictures for Pirate101, and saw black ravens, and eagles in Western Garb, so I was thinking... Is the Western World really here? I think it is, and it it seems awesome!
Only two pics were on the site, and both were on docks or ships, so the inner world wasn't showed off much, but the background showed a Grand Canyon-esq vibe seen here:
Not the Suntier, so I shall dub thee Sonorain!
So what might this world include? Well not knowing how the P101 worlds are set up in comparison to W101 worlds I'll look at it objectively.

If I were making a pirate game based around Ships, A western world wouldn't really fit, unless the outlaws were also Pirates, so more then likely we'll see Billygoat the Kid, and several other outlaw puns. 

So you ready to Pirate up? take on the west? I know I am. Post your thought down the comments area \/ \/ 

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thar be Pirates in the Spiral, and the Comin' for ye Loot!

After about three years of waiting Kingsisle has finally announced their new game, Pirate101, and it looks amazing.
There have been several worlds already for this game, and yes it does take place in the spiral, but it has a very different gameplay style.
It seems to be a strategy game revolving around turn based combat, similar to games like Final Fantasy Tactics, and Fire Emblem.
While only Skull Island, Monquista, and Valencia have been announced it seems like Marlybone and Mooshu might make a return based on some concept art, such as the in-game image above: Mooshu Airway.
You are also granted minions that follow you around, each class begins with one and gain more as the game goes on... but... I think I'll leave some of the discover of the new game up to you with
The new site for the game!

On a side note, I am going to make a sub-blog on this blog called That Buccaneer, so I'll post more of Pirate101 in the future.

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Monday, April 9, 2012

The final puzzle piece..? (it is)

This is the final piece, but there's something else to...
(page break)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

What's After the Umbra Queen?

It may be a bit early to be questioning what happens after the Umbra Queen, Morganthe, but I will anyways.

So you just defeated the umbra queen, and saved the spiral, good for you, The spiral cheers you're name, from Wizard City to Polaris, and just then when you're on top of the world, and you finally get to relax the unthinkable happens, the sky tears, and fire rains down from the heavens. You must run for cover, you think that Ambros's tower, and run. You see Golum Tower crumble into icy chunks in the distance, and the pond erupts into a typhoon. As you are safely inside you see no sign of Merle anywhere, but instead a not on his table with you're name telling you to go to the top of the tower. You see a door that wasn't available before and run up it as the tower crumbles. When you reach the top of the tower you see Gamma the Owl and a generator that looks similar to the one you used back in Dragonspyre, Gamma woo's at you to go in, and that Merle will explain everything once you're on the other side.

When you enter instead of going back in time, a dark force pulls you out, and confronts you.
"Young wizard, how are you. I see you have finally beaten the Umbra queen and brought peace to the spiral, isn't that quaint. You know, you've actually helped me, defeating the Ravens, Mallistaire, and Morganthe really put me at an advantage.After you defeated them, and decided to pick berries for the locals I really went to town. You see I went and woke up all of the Titans, you were working so hard to keep asleep, and now the Spiral will finally fall to make way for my dominance, and the Spiral will finally know my name."
He then thrusts you back in time to Merle.

You wake up in Dragonspyre, but everything is green, and alive! You see Merle conversing with a man who looks like he could be Headmaster here. Merle comes and pulls you up and tells you about you're enrollment into the Dragonspyre Acadamy for Witches and Wizards. He also tells you about how the future is doomed unless you can save the past, launching you on a new journey encountering many old faces such as Young Zeke, A Good Mallistaire, and Sylvia still alive.

So what do ya think tell me in the comments below \/ \/ \/

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