Thursday, December 15, 2011

Meanwhile in Europe...

Hey, you. Yes you, do you live in the UK, or anywhere in Europe for that matter? Well, rejoice! You and your chums all get to go premium for 1 day! Pet Races, PvP duels, and premium areas! All fo how much to see all of this splendor you ask? NOTHING! everyone gets to be a "club wizard" for 1 day! AMAZING! This is all to celebrate the European server launch so this doesn't last forever though, it goes from the midnight of December 17th to the midnight of December 18th. So have fun!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lights, Camera, Actually just LIGHTS!

Today in the wonderful 12 days there is a free gift in the spiral.
Holiday lights, all throughout the land.
Just log-in through the link below and redeem you're prize!

HO HO HO and Tenure for Dworgyn!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Winter Holiday Poetry Contest!

Poems must be 8-Lines, no more no less.
Poems must be Winter or Holiday themed.
Poems may not contain rude, or inappropriate language.
Enter at Facebook or at the wizard101 website here.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  

Happy Holidays and a Tenure for Dworgyn!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas isn't here yet... but CHRISMOOSE IS!

Introducing the Charity Chrismoose!

Available for a limited time, the Chrismoose mount will directly benefit two organizations devoted to helping children: the Austin Children's Shelter and Children's Medical Center at Legacy.

This loveable moose carries your Wizard around the Spiral 40% faster... even if he is loaded down with presents! Hurry and catch him during the holiday season, because this is one moose that won't be around forever.
This is the 13th Reindeer...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Zafaria Plans

So I've been thinking a bit, and have decided not to play Zafaria until I get FRAPS, I want to be able to record everything of mine, from my thoughts, to theorycrafting, as comes to my head, so that means coming 2012 expect big updates here, until then I'll still post from time to time, just not concerning Zafaria. darn.

oh and here's some confetti for the new world :3

Tenure for Dworgyn!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Zebra's, Volacnos, and Evil Gnomes

I'll discuss as I deliver it.

KingsIsle Entertainment has announced the latest content update coming to its popular MMO title, Wizard101. The new patch, which is coming later this month, introduces the African-themed world of Zafaria, which features many major themes related to the return of the Umbra Queen, Morganthe. The update will increase the level cap from 60 to 70 and will introduce new gear, pets, mounts, and spells. In addition, players will have new areas to explore, such as the open grasslands of the Savannah and the ruins of the Drum Jungle. A new minigame feature known as Grub Guardian will be launching in tandem with the new update. Grub Guardian is a tower-defense-style game which, will be available for web browsers and eventually, Android and iOS mobile devices. The game will allow players to link to their Wizard101 accounts, which will enable them to play the game using their in-game pets. As players progress in Grub Guardian, their pets will reap rewards of experience and increased attributes. KingsIsle hopes this will allow players to make progress within the game even if they are away from their computers or simply short on time. For more information about the coming updates, and to join the fun for yourself, head on over to Wizard101's official site.

  • New Areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Baobab, the market Hub of Zafaria.
  • The Savannah, with its open grasslands and hidden dens.
  • Zamuda, the great wooden city of the Zebra Empire
  • Stone Town, capital of the Elephant Nation
  • Drum Jungle, where twisted ruins hide beneath the lush canopy.    

The main thing I noticed here are the spells, the new thing is gardening attack spells, which I have no idea how that will work, also Frankenstein, Mammoths, and a VOLCANO! (1/3)
also they showed the Myth and Balance Spells.

(The volcano spells was identical to my original theory one year ago!)

An early area?

Screenshot -- Wizard101
The Zebra Empire, home of Sir Reginald Baxby?

Morganthes Throne!

Grub Guardian
A new iPhone App, like a TD game, with a few social thingamabobs inside.

A Graveyard type place.
Morganthe gets around.

After all of this, I wonder what the gardening spells are like, Why I don't have an iPhone, and why is Morganth interested in this place...

Tenure for Dworgyn!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween out there folks, Spooky Bob leaves early tomorrow, and almost any Halloween event. So get out there, play games, collect candy, give candy away and have fun.

This has been a public service announcement to remember to enjoy today.

Tenure for Dworgyn!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Level 68 Spell Predictions: Part One

I decided to split this up into two parts, not only to go into more detail on each of these spells, but also I am decidedly lazy.

Fire (I know, surprising I did this first)
Volcano Giant
9 Pips
1095 + 330 over three rounds to opposing team
(oh yes I stylized them all)
*A volcano grows out of the ground, spewing chunks of moltant rock everywhere and especially at the opposing side, then a giant moltant creature erupts and spews fire at the other team.)

9 Pips
1645 attack + Depletes 1 Shield off everyone on opposing team
(A stormy sea appears, and a giant tentacle comes out. It reaches toward the sky and touches newly formed storm clouds, and zaps the opposing team, one by one, to induce fear for there puny lives... I mean one by one.)

Ghost Ship (I know what you're thinking, and no this is not a death spell)
9 pips
1025 attack to all opposing and a 35% tower shield to all on own team
( Out of a hazy mist a Ice covered ship appears, it then goes to senselessly ram itself into the opposing team one by one for it's idea of enjoyment. It then goes and sails off in a direction not towards or way from the opposing side, and creates a one way ice wall.)

Tenure for Dworgyn!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Theorycrafting - We're Going to Africa Maat.

After doing a bit of research into Australia I quickly deduced that in fact we are not going to Australia any time soon, but I did find out where we are going, and that place is Africa, South Africa specifically. Being that both the Sun Palace and the teaser for the new world are both South African. I believe that the Sun Palace is a hint of what the new world will be, so what I'm saying is that the new world will be based on the power of the Sun magic. I theorized on this a while back, and said that there will be five worlds in this new story arc; Celestia, one for each of the three magics, and a final world where we meat Morganth face to face. It would seem that the main inhabitance of this new world are Elephants, but I also expect to see Lions, Leopards, and more Rhinoceros' and Giraffes.
These guys will be everywhere, just for aesthetics.
Also there is one more animal in South Africa, he's always been there, our friend the Big Game Hunter. Our Striped friend will finally be able to tell us his story, and see his home world. I'm curious to why he left this paradise in the first place, was he exiled? Or something far worse?

After a bit of searching throughout my home, the Sun Palace, I've come across a strange statue, and have a few theory's about it. This statue resembles a Lion, sitting on a throne, looking godly almost. The lion in pop fiction has always been the king, so I suspect that the ruler of this world based on the Animal Kingdom will have the rulers be Lions. I mean the statue even has a crown!
"The King" ~ Artist Unknown
So this also means no Suntier (darn) but for me there is always hope for a western, but now it looks to me that going to Africa is our next big step in stopping Morganth, and it will be awesome!

Just somethings I hope for
- A real challenge, from beginning to end, and no ginourmous exp. rewards
- More Morganth
- New Sun, Moon, and Star spells
- A long, and surprising world
- A conclusion that gives us an idea where this wild ride takes us next

I'll post my ideas for level 68 spells next weekish or earlier

Tenure for Dworgyn!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen I Present To You... POST 200!

And after such a long Hiatus, what a better way to come back, I've been integrating myself for a bit now and feel it's time to post another... post.
First off I'd like to show off the new Sun Palace, Mounts, and Pets.
The New Hawk Pet.

An Ancient Water Shrine. Spooky.

Tree Mail!

The Giraffe Pet is as tall as me. I feel inadequate now.

The Great Hornoceros

The New Hawk Mount

The New Hornoceros mount can hold two people, it takes them into battle and areas!

And Finally Banjo, the Great Ape.

The Hawkrider Bundle is available at Walmart, and the Super Bundle coming soon is found at Gamestops!
Both come with a Teleport Tapestry that takes you to either the Bazaar or the Arena.

Also A bit of theory Crafting...
A Picture of upcomeing content was released on Massivley today, and I think that the new Super Bundle is related to this, not directly though. This area looks very African, and seems to be a world of it's own, and the Elepantes(what I'm calling them) don't look to happy. It also seems that there is a bit of code in the line above most of the picture. Maybe the name of the new world, or just a phrase? Who knows! (gets out decoding manual) okay so I looked, and it had already been deciphered by Kevin Battleblood and Katherine Light(gratz to them :D) "Down in the depths", so now I redact my last statement, this is defiantly...

The Outback! Australia Mate. And you can expect a full run down on my ideas soon!

Tenure for Dworgyn

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wizard101 Noir Episode 2: The Snob Boy Surprised Me

Episode 2 in this exciting series!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

General Ramblings: Games in General

What's the one thing that really irks you? Is it a person, a thing? well for me it's that feeling of wanting more games. I try to refrain from buying to many games, but it's getting harder, I know I can beat games, sure, but I want games I can play. Like Wizard101. Wizard101 is the only game I haven't given up on, and after almost three years playing, I'm not stopping soon, but enough of that. I've started a new Project for me, that I will broadcast to you regularly called Wizard101 noir, you may have seen the last post I put up, and basically there will be more of that.
Meet Dolan Mistheart, Spiral Private Eye
But I digress.

Games to me are like, Candy to me, I buy them, enjoy them, and move on, but Wizard101 isn't like that, it sticks with me, only a few other games can do that to me. I know What games I want, and I know that I'll blow through them, games like Bastion, and Half-Life 2 are suppose to be amazing, but they are also relatively short.
Games are also like books, it's hard to play them through again, and have the same feeling over, and over, and over... but if you don't read over and over, you may miss something, same with games. I played Portal 2 several times before I got done with it, and truely I'm still not done with it. DLC is coming soon to it, but that's maybe even not 1 month of game play.
One of the few games that don't get me bored.
Games to most people are a tough sell, even to gamers, some of us don't like racing games or sports
games, and even card games! (gasp) Putting down $60, even $10 can seem pricey some times, and it is. I usually try to limit myself to one game a month, but more than one good game comes out a month, how do I solve this dilemma?
Games I need. And it goes on, and on, and on...
Having a good job can solve this problem, but then there's the problem of eating. And sleeping. And going to work to buy more games. The realization every gamer goes through is that, we love games, and game companies love money, and so do we.It hurts us every time we buy a game, even if it is good, and that won't change until everything is free.

So ramble.. ramble... ramble.... I thin I've taken up enough of you're time.

Tenure for Dworgyn!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wizard 101 Noir: Episode 1 "Troubles on the Medium Grey Side of Town"

So this is the first of a many video series following Dolan Mistheart and his Lifey Noir adventures through the spiral. The Audio is a bit soft for episodes 1 and 2, and I hope you enjoy the first episode.

Tenure for Dworgyn!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An Ode to Games

Once a long time ago in the time of yore, bored little children sat and played with sticks, but then one day Poof!
Mr. Alcorn, made the game that started it all, a game that anyone could play. PONG.
And from there came this and that, from 4-bit, to 8, to 16, to 32, to 64, to1080!
Zelda and Mario and Samus and Kirby
Master Chief and War and All the FPS
And who can forget Ratchet and Sackboy and Zombies!
All of these can withstand the rain, and hail and sleet.
All of these are legend.
From WoW to Wiz101 and back again gamers play.
We play the day away
From Pong on the Atari to the NES
and the N64 to the PS
from there the XBox and Gamecube
to all of our present day glory.
No matter what our Age
No matter what our Gender
No matter what our Race
We play games

We Play the Games

For we are legends, villains, heroes, bards, thieves, wizards(woot), barbrians, robots, humans, lombaxes, and more.

Let it be known.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Challenge of Knowledge! *WINNERS*

The Winners Be Here! And They Have names!
The Correct Answers were
1. Meowiarty
2. Pigswick Academy
3. Candyland!
(you only needed 2)

The Winners!:
Richard Dragonbreath
Eric Lifegiver!
Chris Dragonheart!
Sean Fairypants!
Destiny Shadowhand!
Devin Shadowheart!
Micheal L!
Ela P!
Lets give them a big round of applause everyone :) your codes will there shortly :)

For this contest all you do is have to e-mail this address (isaac_otter (at) yahoo (dot) com) with your wizards name and the Subject Line as Contest - Knowledge, then answer these three questions :)
1. Who is the Main Villain of Marlybone?
2. Who is Ravenwood's Rival School?
3. Where do Gobblers and Lidia Greyrose come from?

The contest deadline is 8/21/11 so enter soon and have fun :)
(try to get at least two right)

Tenure for Dworgyn!

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Farmers Challenge * WINNERS *

THE WINNERS! (Please Note, Some Wizards May Have Won Twice, But Only For This Contest. They Will be Ineligible for the Next 2 Major Contests.)

Connor Mist for Choo-Choo Zoo with 1320 points
Belinda D for Sorcery Stones with 193973 points
The Wanderinng Conjurer for Conjuration with 3560 points
Alex E for Doodle Doug and Skull Riders with 7605 and 1460 respectively.
And the Winner of the Random Contest is... The Wandering Conjurer chosen by

Your Codes will be e-mailed shortly.

Reminder, the games have to be played in Wizard101 not at KIFG, the scores aren't the same.
Welcome to the first contest! This contest is a contest of skills. For this contest you must play mini-games in game! You can have up to 5 entries in the contest but only one entry on one of the games that are allowed. The Person with highest points in each of the five games WIN! Also another house will go out to  random entrant.

The Five games Allowed are: Sorcery Stones, Choo-Choo Zoo, Skull Riders, Conjuration, and Doodle Doug.

To enter this Contest you must take a picture of your score at the end of the game (picture taking guide here.)
and send it to this e-mail address "isaac_otter (at) yahoo (dot) com" (replace the at and dot with @ and .) with The Farmers Challenge - (the game you entered for) This contest will be open until 8-18-11 so make sure to hurry. 
Oh and Have Fun!

Prize Alien will be here to announce the winners come Friday Morning.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Camps! Oasis! Oh My! CONTESTS!

That's right! it's that time again to give away some GIVEAWAYS!
This time the prize is... 15 Oasis Camps! Now look at those lovely houses for a bit below :)

And look who is back, everyone's favorite Prize Giving Away Alien! He is here to help me give away prizes courtesy of KI :)

Contest 1: The Farmers Challenge! (Winners have been picked!)
Contest 2: The Contest of Knowledge! (Winners have been picked!)

Tenure for Dworgyn!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Tour of Wysteria

A Picture Expedition is about to commence, you ready young wizard?
More After the Jump.

Test Realm Open!

Welcome to Wysteria

Wysteria was once a trade post and pleasant enough small town in the Wizard City cluster, not too far away but of little consequence in the overall scheme of things, until a magical incident occurred that caused a crawling vine to grow and completely overrun the town.

Players who are level 25 or higher should speak to Merle Ambrose in his tower. He will offer you the quest "To the Registrar".

Pigswick Academy; Pigswick Academy is located at the heart of Wysteria and is a rival school to Ravenwood.

Inside the walls of this city a very special Magic tournament is about to take place and in your journey to solve the mystery involving the theft of an important school treasure it will be up to you to defend the honor and good name of Ravenwood School of Magical Arts! 

Pegasus Place: Normally home to a host of pegasus aerie, this street has been overrun by a wave of goblins and hobgoblins, fierce and horrible creatures who escaped to Wysteria by hitching a ride with some unwitting students. They have blocked off the street, run amok and caused considerable damage to buildings, and are storming around, menacing students and residents alike. 

Tanglewood Way: Tanglewood Way is ruled by the forces of nature. The gates are completely entangled with vines and seemingly are impassible, and two guards stand outside it keeping people away. Near the gate entrance is a crack in the wall that looks large enough to for a Wizard to sneak through...

Miscellaneous Updates

Friends Panel Updates
  1. Players will now see a confirmation window appear when they ignore a friend on their friends list.
Combat Updates
  1. School Symbols for creatures of the Spiral will now appear on the 2d Combat Menu. This will help with those really tall ones!
  2. School Symbols for Players will also appear on the 2d Combat Menu, but not in PvP.
  3. Players who are defeated in an area they have purchased with Crowns, but who have not purchased the common area of that world, will be teleported to Wizard City Commons upon defeat or flee.
Quest Updates
  1. The Wizard City Quest called "Triton Avenue" can no longer be declined.
  2. The Wizard City Quest called "Unicorn's Folly" can no longer be declined.
  3. The Wizard City Quest called "Ghost Hunters" can no longer be declined.
  4. The Wizard City Quest called "Fairies Wear Boots" can no longer be declined.
  5. Level 52 and Celestia quest "Door to the Stars" is now required before the player is able to accept "The Special", "Me & My Arrow" and "Time for Tea" from Ogden Peake.
Stat Updates
  1. Pet Damage Talents will now be properly reflected on the Wizard's Character Sheet
  2. The boost to Mana given from Mana Gift Pet Talent will now be accurately reflected on the Wizard Character Sheet
  3. The boost to Pip % given from Pet Pip Talent will now be accurately reflected on the Wizard Character Sheet
Spell Updates
  1. Dark Pact & Empower can no longer be augmented with damage increasing enchantments.
Shopping Updates
  1. Items purchased from the Crown Shop for Gold will now show the correct price when choosing a different color combination.
  2. "Transaction not Successful" message in the Bazaar has been changed to a more accurate "Sorry, this item has already sold." message.
Other Updates
  1. Players should no longer repeatedly appear to be downloading 'Angrus Hollowsoul" when in the Commons
  2. Some words have been removed from the Text Chat Dictionary due to their inappropriate use - remember 'swearing' around the filter is a very fast way to find yourself with only Menu Chat as an option.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why so Few posts from the Professional Theorycrafter?

You might have said to yourself recently "Why haven't I gotten more posts from the fabulous That Pyromancer, recently?" well the simple answer is I am a theorycrafter and I need story to be able to theorycraft, You might be asking this, "Wizard 101 is the best story I've ever heard! Why if you say that you need story to right, this isn't enough?" and my answer is this: The Wizard101 story is just to awesome, they fill in all of the details. Now this is where you say "What about the Morganth thing?" and I say That's just it, what about the Morganth thing?, we just don't know squat about her, other than two main things: she's a horrible poet and she doesn't like the ever so lovable me. Until the next bit of story comes out (which I expect to be soon) Expect the world from me, but for now, when I can only feed a bone to the Suntier I'll be eerily quiet.

Tenure for Dworgyn!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Feedback Friday

This week is just saying what you look forward to most in the new mega bundle.

You can post your thoughts here.

Tenure for Dworgyn

(P.S. I will be in leave for 5 days, have fun!)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Safety Post: Always Read the Warning Label

Time = Money                                            
With the new "Dragons Hoard" pack out, I would like to remind you of something. Everything in life is a gamble. I've heard people asking, or saying, if this new pack is gambling and the answer is yes, but that's not it. Going into a dungeon or fighting a goon is worth enough to be called gambling, especially when it comes to looking for an item to craft, but you might argue because it is free it isn't gambling, but is that truly free? Being that you may have put well over $100 into this game already it isn't. Not anymore. But saying that playing this game is a gamble is true, you may or may not enjoy it, you may or may not find happiness in it. But If you say that only games are a gamble your wrong at that too. Everything in life requires gambling, from the moment that you are born there is gambling. Weather you pick up a controller or a football is gambling. Driving is gambling your life, as is much in life. But when worrying about gambling money for a game, you might as well go out for a drive. 

I feel as if I have strayed from my point. There's a line between Life and Games, but when they become intertwined do things become truly confusing, what to do, and what not to do. 

Gambling is important, yes, and there is no way to know when it's good or bad, so always think to ones self "Is this really what I want to do?" or "Can I do this?" or even sometimes you can't say  "No I can't do this" just because it's new, you always have to try something.

There is Good Gambling, Bad Gambling, Choice Gambling, Money, Time, Life Gambling, and many other types of gambling. 

I feel as I may have "missed the mark" with this post but I also feel as if I have carried my thought through okay. leave your comment in response below.

Tenure for Dworgyn

Monday, June 6, 2011


Click to enlarge.
Between June 6th 2011 and June 14th 2011, you can adopt some interesting pets!

All our pets are on sale, some up to 50% off their regular Crowns price! For this special event, we've brought back some previously retired pets and there will be new pets released throughout the month of June! 

Visit the Crown Shop to buy your pets today! 

We're also giving you a pet snack the first time you login during Pet-a-palooza! The random snack will appear in your Gift window the first time you log in to the game between June 6th and June 14th.

New pets:
None so far.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Theorycrafting: Cutscenes Part II

My first cutscene post was fine, yes, but not imaginative, I fear. So this time I will go Beyond the norm and Make one last idea for each world.
(sorry no pictures this time)
These cutscenes will represent a epilogue to each world, with all of the kind faces you've met.

Wizard City: After defeating the Wraith, the camera zooms out to swoop through the cave, then fades out. At unicorn way you see normal faeries on the streets playing, then onto Triton Avenue where you see the mill creating power again and everyone together again. The camera then plunges into the water to see everyone from Hermet to The bad King watching King Thermadore rock out on stage. It then fades over to Firecat alley to see all of the elfs being them selves again.
At Cyclops lane you see the cyclops signing a treaty with the wizards to share the street, and then it cuts to the your wizard again, inside the tower.

Krokotopia: After beating Krokopatra you start to see visions of the Order conquering the kroks; a battle scene, then peace, the arena restored, and there are manders everywhere.

Marlybone: You see the mime released, and many cats being locked up. I mean lots of cats.

Mooshu: You, for the first time, get to see the real MooShu, not a messed up, poisoned, Mooshu.

Dragonspyre: The Narrator goes over everything that has happened in the quest to get here, everyone you helped, and a sneak peak at the challenges to come.

For these two worlds, you can decide on your own what a good epilogue would be. Comment below and I will post it in a update :)


"Celestia - Cutscene showing Morganthe disappearing beyond the Sun Platform (where you fight Morganthe), cackling, and disappearing into a vortex, leaving the mystery of the new world still unsolved, but confirming the storyline isn't over yet." ~ Arlen Dawneyes


"Grizzleheim - The torn roof of the Raven's Castle becomes more imminent, and the faint outline of a Frost Giant dots the skies (like a constellation, maybe..?), as the Narrator warns the Ravens haven't stopped with their treachery." ~ Arlen Dawneyes
Tenure for Dworgyn!