Saturday, October 29, 2011

Level 68 Spell Predictions: Part One

I decided to split this up into two parts, not only to go into more detail on each of these spells, but also I am decidedly lazy.

Fire (I know, surprising I did this first)
Volcano Giant
9 Pips
1095 + 330 over three rounds to opposing team
(oh yes I stylized them all)
*A volcano grows out of the ground, spewing chunks of moltant rock everywhere and especially at the opposing side, then a giant moltant creature erupts and spews fire at the other team.)

9 Pips
1645 attack + Depletes 1 Shield off everyone on opposing team
(A stormy sea appears, and a giant tentacle comes out. It reaches toward the sky and touches newly formed storm clouds, and zaps the opposing team, one by one, to induce fear for there puny lives... I mean one by one.)

Ghost Ship (I know what you're thinking, and no this is not a death spell)
9 pips
1025 attack to all opposing and a 35% tower shield to all on own team
( Out of a hazy mist a Ice covered ship appears, it then goes to senselessly ram itself into the opposing team one by one for it's idea of enjoyment. It then goes and sails off in a direction not towards or way from the opposing side, and creates a one way ice wall.)

Tenure for Dworgyn!

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