Friday, October 21, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen I Present To You... POST 200!

And after such a long Hiatus, what a better way to come back, I've been integrating myself for a bit now and feel it's time to post another... post.
First off I'd like to show off the new Sun Palace, Mounts, and Pets.
The New Hawk Pet.

An Ancient Water Shrine. Spooky.

Tree Mail!

The Giraffe Pet is as tall as me. I feel inadequate now.

The Great Hornoceros

The New Hawk Mount

The New Hornoceros mount can hold two people, it takes them into battle and areas!

And Finally Banjo, the Great Ape.

The Hawkrider Bundle is available at Walmart, and the Super Bundle coming soon is found at Gamestops!
Both come with a Teleport Tapestry that takes you to either the Bazaar or the Arena.

Also A bit of theory Crafting...
A Picture of upcomeing content was released on Massivley today, and I think that the new Super Bundle is related to this, not directly though. This area looks very African, and seems to be a world of it's own, and the Elepantes(what I'm calling them) don't look to happy. It also seems that there is a bit of code in the line above most of the picture. Maybe the name of the new world, or just a phrase? Who knows! (gets out decoding manual) okay so I looked, and it had already been deciphered by Kevin Battleblood and Katherine Light(gratz to them :D) "Down in the depths", so now I redact my last statement, this is defiantly...

The Outback! Australia Mate. And you can expect a full run down on my ideas soon!

Tenure for Dworgyn

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