Friday, January 28, 2011

Postcards of the Unexplored

With the feedback friday I wanted to give my feedback... With Pictures :D
 :Haunted Cave door
 :Mystery Island
 :Barkingham Palace
 : Multiple Podogas
 :Mystery Door
 :2 Doors In Nindavellir
:"Door #4"

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back to the uh... Thingie muwhozits

After a nice little break from the community I'm back, more or less, and ready to take on the task of being a featured blogger. In the past I have written dinky one paragraphers that I was not proud of, but that is now over. I'm gonna try to do it like I would for school, conduct research, hypothesize, and be a nut-job.
Wizard101 is taunting me right now, for I have a no/little purpose for it, and that means I GOT NO NICHE. but that's personal problems, but unti; I find one, my posts will be a bit all over the board.
and for the meantime watch this video of an exploding potato

Now that that's out the way I wish to say hello to my alter ego ME who criticized me on twitter, and now will here too

"or will I"
"You will"
"I quit"
"You're under contract"
"Darn the luck!"

happy playing :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pet Racers The Shrinking Effect

It's a dying sport.In the beginning, it wasn't even that popular, but some people miss it, but do to lack of players, has gone dead. Pet Racing needs people, a group, to help get the derby up off it's feet.

I decided one day to start up an old hobby of racing, so I grabbed a random teen, and waited for 30 minutes, to get an unresponsive opponent.

I could wait forever but sadly I only have 24 hours, and I despise wasting my crowns, so I feel I have to duel for my moneys worth.

I don't really like PvP, I'm good, I just am not a big fan of it. But I digress.

If you would like to become part of a movement to bring back racing in the spiral, e-mail me, twitter me, leave me a comment, anything to raise awareness for racing.

I have a vision, where people care about all talents (except Mana Gift) and try to manifest Spiffy Pop, a guide for racing, entire ladders of competition, ect.

Everything deserves a chance, and we never gave this one, how will you respond, I have no idea, but we need a movement, not a small one, but one as large as gardening is.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Suntier~ The Two Sun Rises

As I hurried over to the seamstress, I saw another fellow in need, so naturally I ignored my current task to help a random stranger. He was a big man in a red suit, he would have looked looked proud if he wasn't crying. Before I could speak he saw me and started looking proud, " WELCOME YOUNG WIZARD TO THE TWO SUNS EXTRAVAGANZA! WE HAVE ALL TYPES OF FUN HERE! (but no one ever participates) WOULD YOU LIKE TO SINE UP FOR A SPOT IN THE LIMELIGHT!?" I accepted his quest, I mean a boat load of gold all to entertain some people? what could go wrong.

A lot, apparently. The cirques was more a crude arena so I figured, oh great, it's the hall of champions all over again. But this time it was different, I could go back to repeat quests for there gold, and I had to unlock quests with gold to access them. the first enemy was the cactus king. It was a fight for the ages. but after a few efreets, treants, and dragons, I won.

As I left the tent I heard the man yelling, "COME BACK FOR MORE, WHEN YOUR READY KID, THE CROWD LOVES YOU"

After that experience, I went over to the tailer to go get suited up for another big adventure...


Happy Playing

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Suntier~ A World Undiscovered

Here's my pitch for a new world- The suntier
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Early one morning, after waking up and logging in, you see a mass of high level wizards running straight for Headmaster's office.You think "What the heckhound?" but then you notice a painting on your bed summoning you to Merlee's office.

As you get there Merle starts speaking to all.
"An old student of mine has returned and plans to destroy the very fabric of time and weave it to her whim.
Her name is Morganthe, you all met her before as I remember, but being that she failed to capture the powers of the sun, moon, and stars all at once, only one option remains for her. You must run her off in three separate worlds. She was last seen on the Suntier, a world known for it's expertise in sun magic, the sheriff of Red Hill should point you in the right direction" Merle handed everyone a key to the Suntier. "Good luck young wizard."

After bit of a wait the spiral door opened, and as before I let it consume me. Instantaneously I was in the Suntier, at Red Hill. I walked around a bit seeing a few local salamanders, animated cacti, and foxes, I walked into the sheriff's department.

I came upon a full-fledged duel between the sheriff and a gang( perhaps goozle) of goons. 4 of them took me on, while in the back I saw the sheriff handle 8, after a few dragons, I sorted out my bunch and the sheriff who was observing for quite some time came over and thanked, and greeted me.

"Thanks again, I was in quite a spot right there, so what did you need anyway?" you tell him about Morganthe "well that won't do, but sadly Old man.. I mean Merle was a bit off, I have no idea where Morganthe is, but all these gangs must have something to do about her arrival. Perhaps, no no no, that's far to dangerous, and for what i know, they don't teach that there at Ravenwood, but.... " He rambles on for a bit. "Well it's risky, but I need you to do a bit of undercover work. There's a gang house right outside of town, but if they saw you they'd blast you to smithereens, so you'll need a disguise, a cactus suit perhaps? Right, just go to the tailer and follow her instructions, then head on over to the hideout for further instruction, I'll teach you about stealth missions."


2011: Predictions

January: not much... Small chance of a small hint towards future workings
February/ March: Year in Preview: Big Expansion news, Bonus Content news
April: Test Realm for bonus content late this month
May: Bonus Content goes live
June: Big preview for Expansion
July: Secret content goes live/ everyone shocked
August: Not Much...
October: not much...
September: heh (forgot this one) BIG BIRTHDAY BASH! Hats, decor, and sales galore :)
November: Test Realm opens up and everyone explodes
December: Live realm up and people wonder what's next...

Short post: I expect 20% to be dead on.

Why am I writing like this: IDK
Why is this so short: My creative juices dislike me.

Look a Banana: Goes Ape
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Happy: Playing