Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gardening, and the Story of How It Works

In Test, new content called gardening is going on, Moolinda Wu will summon you to her school so she can tell you about gardening.

She'll tell you to talk to Farley, a gnome in Golum Court, once there he'll tell you, that a seed is needed, so you'll run all the way back to Blossom for it.
She'll give you a dandelion and a short explanation.
Back at Farley, he'll explain the 6 types of plants.
Seedling: First stage of life, and starting to grow.
Young: Just bloomed and cannot be farmed.
Mature: Can be farmed at random times.
Elder: once farmed it disappears, better harvest.
Wilting: can be brought back with 30 energy. But it will turn into a seedling.
Dead: all it be is plowed over. No harvest
There are 10 ranks of farming, and at each rank new gardening spells become available
 They cost gold so no need to worry.
I am at rank 4, and would like to show you an example of 11 elder honey sickles.
You can plant in pots or in soil, if you have the spell for that.
Gnomes help with harvest, they make sure that plants have better rewards.
Gardening takes pet energy, so it's probably one or the other,
you could always buy energy in the crowns shop though :)
Happy Trails :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

7 Fun Things to Do in The Spiral When You Have a Cold

7 Fun Tedious *Insert word here* Things to Do in The Spiral When You Have a Cold

1. Housing:
When you have a cold all of your brains creativity juices are flowing because it's thinking of what to do when it's better, so why not when you have a cold, let it all come out, and enjoy.

2. Sniping:
 It's tedious, it's boring, and let's face it it requires little to no effort. Go to the bazaar and you'll find yourself there for a few hours maybe even a day, looking for that one item to complete your house, or reagents that only crazies would sell.

3. Farming:
You just caught a cold and have a laptop and a good book. Log in, and start solo farming, turn off the ports and relax with a good book and beat the baddie. Repeat and Enjoy :)

4. Pet Training: Let's say you want a smarty piggle up to adult by nightfall, the bazaar should have mega snacks every so often (why do you want to sell them again?) Go there then go back to the dance game and train it till it drops. (and hope it gets a good talent)(go to petnome to help out or see the data)

5. Crafting: It's the most tedious thing you could ever do when you catch a cold, and the results are fabulous, try it and do your own thing. P.S. Grandmaster Artisan takes 990 stone blocks O. o

6. Writing on Your Blog: You've neglected it, haven't you, it wants to be cared for, now go embrace it. GO AND BE HAPPY.

7. Trying Something New: There's a whole wide world of MMO's to choose from, don't be bound to just one game.

Happy Playing

Friday, November 19, 2010

Cowboy Theorycrafting Day III Manders Don't Wear Boots

Once you saved the town, you'll come across a camp of outlaws, so you'll need to lie low, until a mander outlaw, spots you. He doesn't report you, but begs you to help him.
He speaks, with the voice of a speedy mouse you might know.
This is JahHova JambErs, and he is your only hope of escape.
He is timid, and has great hopes of being a great outlaw, but he'll need your help to get there.
The outlaws only want one thing and there is a hefty reward for those who find it and JahHova knows it's the only way, so he gathers info and tells you where to look in the desert.
Once you find the artifact, he'll distract everyone and you can escape, but at the exit you run into Big Hallabar, the leader, to pass you must beat this cheating boss, who has 12, 000 HP and know dragon, storm lord, and cheats rebirth.

Happy Playing

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanks, Thanks Again

I am not going to say how much of an honor it is to be featured, or am I gonna ramble about what I'll do differently, I am, who I am, I will say you are awesome, but not for following by blog, but for being you, and helping me grow in a whole, and as well as that, lets give a big hardy round of applause to the Petnome project who is now also a featured blogger... I personally think they should go under fan sites I:  (and speaking of which, 2 of my pets got spritely). This has all been a humbling experience, and i won't stop until I see the dreaded flying purple cow.

Well any whose

I'll post Cowboy Theorycrafting Day 3 soon
Happy Playing

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cowboy Theorycrafting Day II A fox in Marlybonian Clothing

Yesterday I showed you an Idea of a bad guy, the cacti whipper. Well today comes, a good guy that might have once been known as having bought out all the wool sweaters, For she is a fox.
A bit familiar to Marlybonians? Well The suntier might just have a bit more up it's sleeve.
She comes from a town where fire bandits reign, and the days are hot, The schools of Fire, Balance and Storm helped make sun as it today. This town although the Suntier is diverse is populated by foxes mostly, related to Marlybonians distantly.While most Foxes are elegant, and well mannered, some have reverted to there more primal state of thievery and disguises. A few sheep take homage to this town of fire, and are the wealthiest among the rest, but have been disappearing lately. Coincidence? Maybe, but it's up to you to find out the truth, in the first area of the Suntier.

Happy Playing

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cowboy Theorycrafting

Get along little doggie, With Celestia out, and all good things here, I though I might look ahead a year and a half.
All my wizard life I've wanted a world with outlaws, and cowboys, sheriffs, tumbleweeds, Cacti, snakes, snakebites, whips, the frontier, and cowboy (and girl) hats.
I know, It's a bit early to be wishing for a new world, but this has always been in my dream book, so don't judge me.
The world will be called the Suntier, one of the three worlds that holds the most powerful secrets in the universe.
The school of the sun.
My dream starts with this enemy, and I'll bring more soon.
Took me 1 and a 1/2 hours I:
His name is the Cacti Whipper,
one of the MOB's I dream of
He carries a whip and if you look really hard he knows a bit of astral, he's pretty low down in the MOB ranking for this Frontier world, rank 9
and would start out with 3 pips,
be able to enhance his spells with sun, and cast moon blades, he'll (actually I'm not sure of it's gender but I'll say he)be a creature of the school of fire, and be able to do phoenix, to dragon.

So here ya go, what do ya think?

Happy Playing

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I feel F A B U L O U S

A long, long, long time ago when dragonspyre came out, I was in Wizard City, being a newb, not having anything but the few phrases I could say. When I got to the dead world, I got my first taste of Talking.
A guy dressed in newb clothes asked me to a PvP match. I wisely looked at his stats and said, "no".
The stats of my gear
That was the first word I ever uttered. But I digress. I had no intention of ever getting my grand gear except for my robe, and that's all I got(not including rings and athames) , until a month from Celestia. I got my hat, I was so happy, then a month passed, and the test went lived, for the first time ever, I farmed for my clothes, The boots dropped first. A week later, both the hat and robe drop on the same day, the hat dropped so early I couldn't express joy, and the robe I didn't realize it dropped, so I said "darn". I then said, I did get it and put it on.
My archeologist warrior look.
I stitched everything together, and I got this
I was overjoyed at having all three of the items of clothing in my possession, and the look of it, how do you like it? fitting? well done? pie? :D?

P.S. my ice got the gear
Fitting :D

Happy Playing

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Crafting in Celestia

With that new crafting badge to get, you better get ready for the most least tedious farming I've ever done.

It all starts and ends in the Portico, part of the Lunarium. There are three different spawn types
(common) Kelp: possible drop:(rare) Aether
(medium common) Shell: possible drop:(medium rare) Aquamarine 
(rare) Pearl: possible drop: (epic rare) Golden Pearl
And in the portico there all common, except for the maybes

Now for drops and craft only (chest enabled)
From fights

From Crafting
(10 stone blocks)

( must craft sandstone to craft this; 15 per one or 150 stone blocks)

Happy Playing :D

A Spherical Day

All Yesterday I was going through the spheres,

Which as you can't really see from this picture is really cool.
But the uncool thing is, I've been through it 12 times, and all I got were, my BOOTS
Well better than nothing.
Later on in the day I got a day pass to PvP, Which I happen to not be a noob at anymore,
Although I did end up with a match for 1 hour in 1vs1.
And it says on the log in screen that there is to be scheduled maintenance, probably for this thing
Cool huh?
Not much else to report.

Happy Playing

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Post Worth at Least 7 Minutes of Your Life

I have decided to do something , that took me at least 7 minutes to think of, I will do the Diary like I said, But I will only take one, photo at seven and right my day around that photo. 7 P.M. for a month and see what happens, what ideas spawn, what wonders I will discover, oh yes and the hilarity that will ensue. Get ready for the Triumphant return of THAT PYROMANCER

( 7 minutes later )
I wasn't seroius you know, 7 minutes for this is way to long xD

Happy Playing

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Spritely, and a Dream

I'm sure all of you have seen this talent before, 
That's all fine and dandy, but with my luck, I always get;  or this I like them sure, but I've wanted since it was discovered is spritely.
A list of all my talents I suppose might show you my efforts.
(pics courtesy petnome, directed by Kevin Battleblood)

and several more.
I've been training pets continually in search of Spritely and so far no cheddar, but my search goes on and so does the list, but one day it will be mine, in do time.

Happy Playing