Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blame It On The Pop Characters

Here's a list of wizards and creatures currently in Blame It On The Pop
If you want in or out leave a comment

Kevin Battleblood
The Cannon Game
Ditto Wizard
The Duo of Death (Yes both of them)
Heather Raven
Steve and Leesha (Ravenwood Radio)
Krestal Showdowthistle
Jessica Fairyheart

Well post if you want in or out

Happy Playing

Wait what do you mean you want out Cannon Game


For years cucumbers, were the favorite pet snack of all the spiral. Being more healthy than a Hambrosia, tastier than AmbrOs, they were perfect.
To perfect.

Milo was minding his business one day when pets started behaving weirdly, they were climbing into the hot air balloon one by one, all the wizards were trying to stop there pets, but to no avail. The pets were leaving for who knows were. Milo knew he had to do something. He ran to the balloon and jumped on to it just as it lifted off into the spiral.

It was all part of the Bug Queens latest plot to destroy the spiral. with a legion of brainwashed pets with evil cucumbers in there stomach's. The cucumbers would also mutate them into horribly vile creature's of death and fire.
Milo knew he was going to Celestia. He knew there was a time machine there where he could stop cucumbers from ever coming to the spiral.

When they landed Milo made off for the ancient device and activated it.

How do I know this Story? Only wizards who were affected forgot, and since I despised cucumbers I didn't feed my pets them so i knew one day there were cucumbers and the next no.

So cucumbers really are evil

Happy cucumber free playing

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Test Realm, AWESOME

Well I went to go check out the test realm and it was very cool,
but i a gonna wait until it goes live to tackle it.
Just telling ya.

Happy Playing

Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Tab No Noobs

Recently people are starting to take a stand against the word noob.
I've seen it used against me as a new wizard, Mallistaire, a few others ( one of my real life friend wizards is a user) and against me as a grand master.
A grand.
Just kill the word noob.
It's just so inappropriate.

In the arena this word can hurt feelings. It can sincerely discourage young wizards.

Ahem, that wan't very well written Mistheart

Fine, let me start again

Back on the forms and in the community theres a deep sought at discussion over a word that if used correctly is a quick reference, but with some of the bad eggs out there killing the real meaning and making it rude, oppressive, hurtful, and down right mean.
I take the side of ......
can i abstain?no please this is a touchy subject?no
of... of...



Happy Playing and don't use the word n***

or else

Friday, June 25, 2010

More projects coming

Until there is more celestial goodness
i will continue making those little videos
like the one over there-->
or if this is an old post up there^>^>
More to come

Happy Playing?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dear Readers, Fellow Bloggers, Ect.

I have come to discus a problem in our society.
What is it you ask?
Why my fine wiz friend, the problem is cucumbers, the reason is tha...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

We are sorry for this interruption but this post was cancelled please read this instead

You must all obey Headmaster Mallistaire.
He is a good and mighty man.
Bow down before him and destroy the spiral.
He is good.

And that's why cucumbers are evil.

Happy Playing?

Dun dun dun

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TEN MILLION and Nelson Tethers

First off a small message from KI

Ten Million Wizards Join Forces to Save the Spiral in Wizard101

PLANO, TEXAS (June 22, 2010) – KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc. today announced that since its launch in September 2008, more than 10 million Wizards have registered to play Wizard101. Today, the Wizard101 player base continues to grow at an accelerating rate and KingsIsle expects rapid growth to continue for the foreseeable future.

“Over the last twenty months our domestic launch has taken us from an unheard of company with an unknown product to running one of the most successful properties in the family entertainment space,” said Elie Akilian, chairman and CEO of KingsIsle Entertainment. “I am profoundly grateful to the millions of extraordinary people who call Wizard City home and the talented writers, artists, designers, producers and engineers who have come together to create this magical world.”

While the technical and creative design requirements to create a virtual, safe and compelling online universe such as Wizard101 are enormous, it is the active and enthusiastic community of players that truly makes Wizard101 come alive.

“We are overwhelmed and honored by this huge achievement,” said J. Todd Coleman, VP and Creative Director of KingsIsle Entertainment. “We will continue our work to add exciting new content and features to Wizard101 through the launch of our next world, Celestia, and well beyond.”

As a small gesture of thanks to the wonderful denizens of Wizard City, KingsIsle Entertainment is offering every Wizard a complementary “Party Pack” and encouraging them to throw a grand celebration welcoming Wizard #10,000,001 to the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. Each Party Pack will contain a decorative banner, balloons, a festive party hat and a celebratory cake.

To receive this FREE item set, simply go to and enter the word PARTYPACK.

In Wizard101, kids and families enter the magical world of Wizard City as student Wizards setting out to hone their Wizard skills, cast spells and summon powerful creatures to fight evil forces. The characters and worlds of Wizard101 are influenced by literature, history and pop culture, giving the game a depth and quality appreciated by families and players of all ages.

Wizard101 can be downloaded at Players seeking access to premium areas and items may purchase pre-paid cards in participating stores or purchase a subscription or Crowns online. New worlds, activities, pets and Wizard clothing are periodically added to the game, creating an ever-changing world with new things to see and do.

Since I already covered the Wizzy stuff let me tell you about a game i can't wait for
What's the least called on division of the FBI?
Why are red gnomes so evil?
Why was the Scoggins eraser Factory shut down?
Who is Nelson Tethers?

Happy Playing

Monday, June 21, 2010

Tin Toy


Close up by Autumn Duskhunter
and we all know how cool string cheese is

Happy Playing

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Best Irish Book Eva! Word. Not Wizard Related

His first book won best Irish book of 2010
His main character is an Elemental.
The other is to awesome for words.
(Please Scroll down)

The most awesome characters,
Skulduggery, Ghastly Bespoke, Valkyrie Cane, Tanith Lowe

Up against

The Grotesquery

An almost invincible part God thing

Vaurien Scapegrace

An Wannabe Killer/ Laughing stock, part of the Revengers Club

Billy-Ray Sanguine
Mercinary for hire/ Leader of the Revengers Club

Springheeled Jack

Serial Killer, Extraordinary Jumper, part of the Revengers Club


A Vampire who has a grudge against Valkyrie, part of the Revengers Club


Happy Playing

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Pledge to be a RSBPWT

Yep That's right
I Pledged to be a RSBPWT
More commonly known as the,
Reformed Spontaneous Blogger People Wizard Thingy
To bring the joy back to bloggers who are losing there cutting edge.
To bring the zing, the zam, the WAZZZAMOO back.
And any blogger person wizard thingy can join.
That meens you,
just be creative.


Happy Playing.

Friday, June 18, 2010


I am back, and the trip was fun, but there was no news about Celestia at all for a WEEK STRAIT!!!
I mean the least KI could do was release another pic.
Then again they did solve the pet snack problemo.
me wanted Celestian news.
GO CELESTIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Playing

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Hate to Eat and Run, But...

I know I haven't posted in a while, but that's because I was gone for the weekend.
And now I have to leave, again, and come back on the 17th.
So don't count me out if anything yet even though I'm leaving soon.
    I'll be back.(Good ol' Terminator for ya)

Happy Playing

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rants over Realms

Realms are great aren't they,
but you never know whats going on.
I would like them to categorize realms for specific things.
Ambrose   Normal
Vampire    Mallistaire runs
Satyr        Coven
Bartylbey  Oni's
Greyrose  Big Ben
Ghoul       Solo
Helephent Normal

and one for pets, and any thing else, plus more soloing and normal area's, even a party area for events and farming.
so  what do you think, love it? hate it? Tell me your thoughts.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Black is the New Red

 My Wiz got a serious makeover now he looks sweet.

And so does...   Lady Snoopie

Burnin on the dance floor

Chilled Out (New signing out, You Like?)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Blackstone, Smack-talk

Part One
Click to enlarge.

When I read this, I said based on my Wizard 101 knowledge,
Sure i'll get ambushed any time just for you, Any Time.
Part Two

WHAT THE ******** KI sloppy, sloppy work.
Just Kidding

Part Three
Oh Scary Vesta
Vesta Casserole anybody?

Part 4our
how original

Part Five
Two quests left
Happy Playing

Sunday, June 6, 2010

101 With 1 Complaint

I have one complaint with the new pet update. Just one. I don't know i I will be able to get my pet to epic after my strengths at max, my crab only accepts exp. if it's strength because everything is else max. I want that Epic level bad. Real bad, and thats my only niche.

Recently I was reading Central, I say wouldn't it be cool if we got to pick our epic stat. A lot less frustration would be with the epics then. I might not care about the slow leveling then.

Happy Playing

Saturday, June 5, 2010

And for my Hundredth Post I'm Gonna Rant

Yes it is my Hundredth written post, thank you, thank you, but I get so few comments I don't know what's right with my blog, and whats wrong, so every now and again could you I don't know, post what you think of what I wrote, I mean, no one gets like 50 comments a day, but still like one would be helpful.

Happy Playing

Friday, June 4, 2010

Who Dun It Wiz Style

"Wizard do not intrude on me, I am busy with a matter."
"But Professor Drake, you have a letter." said Mindy Pixiecrown, "It says your invited to a party, in Krok."
"You read it, I should have you expelled for this."
"I didn't read it, Professor Greyrose said I can go with her too!"
"Did any of the other professors get one?"
"Not that I know of sir."

Everyone who was invited started to show up to he manor one by one; Mr.Lincoln, Dr.Purreau and Milo Barker, Sherlock Bones, Cyrus Drake, Mindy Pixiecrown and Professor Greyrose, and Prospector Zeke. Everyone was greeted by a large black golumn, and shown to the waiting room. Eventually everyone was moved to the meeting room...

"May I ask who made this party?" said Mr. Lincoln.
"I did." said Professor Drake.
"Well what for then? This obviously isn't a socializing party." Replied Mr.Lincoln.
"You all have something in common, you just don't know what the others know and thats why I gathered you here, to share that one thing, so that..."
Just as he was about to say what, the lights went out,
Lindia let out a cry,a flash of yellow, and then silence.
Seconds later the lights went on and everyone gasped,
Drake was dead, his head smashed by a scroll. Lindia feinted into the chair behind her, Mindy ran to her. Milo Barker fell into a bucket, and Zeke, Purreau, Lincoln, and Bones moved into examine.
"His leg is moving!" exclaimed Purreau.
"Nay, it is not his leg, but this little wooden golumn" explained Bones "He was made to see who the murderer is, or who Drake wanted us to think was the murderer is."
"So who is it little golumn man, or did you see?" asked Mr.Lincoln skeptically.
"He's pointing at... me?" said Dr.Purreau "But it's not me, really!"
"No not you the crystal ball, it appears to have captured an image" stated Bones "Do we have a seer in here?"
"I am." said Zeke
"You are, you never told me." Said Lincoln.
"let me see... hmm, yes, interesting..."
"Well what do you see?"
"It was... What the gadzooks is that!?"
"What do you see?!"
"No what's that noise, I can't concentrate with that noise."
"It's the egg it's it's Hatching!" Said Barker, rising from the bucket, It's... I don't believe it, It's an Ianthine Spectre!"
"A what?" asked Mindy stepping away from the feinted Greyrose.
"it' an Ianthine Spectre, it's a quite a rare pet, so I'm not surprised you haven't heard of it." said Barker.
"Hey why is it trying to open that chest?"
"Well my young wizard it can sense death a mile away and theres some in that chest"
"Here we go, ah no wonder it's a wraith, but who would put a wraith in a chest?"
"Just another question to our already full pallet, isn't that right Barker?" said Bones.
"Can I get back to business already?" asked Zeke.
"Yes Zeke, now let's all be quiet"
"Okay here we go, hmm, yes, I see, Fire, Fire magic, yes, yes a Pyromancer defiantly did this."
"But none of us are Pyromancers!" screamed Mr.Lincoln.
"Perhaps, but maybe one of us is secretly a Pyromancer." said Bones.
"Well you can figure this out without me, I'm leaving." said Lincoln.
"No, for all we know you could be the killer." said Barker.
"Well I can't go anyway, the doors locked."
"Uh, Bones..." said Pixiecrown
"What, Mindy?"
"What? How!" Yelled Lincoln.
"Something we overlooked is missing also, something that might solve all of our mystery's." said Bones.
"What is it?" asked Purreau.
"The book"
"There was a book?"
"Right there, but he seems to have left a letter."
"Well I'll open it." Barked Lincoln "I'm sick of being trapped and this is one step closer to the end"
Lightning rumbled, thunder rolled, the lights went out again, and shriek went out, all as Lincoln opened the letter.
"WHERES ZEKE!?" screamed Barker.
"WHERES LINDIA!?" screamed Purreau.
"Scan the room everyone, find a door or somthing" said Barker.
"I'm sitting down" said Mindy as she sat down, "Woah!"
"The seat fell!"
As Barker went in for a closer look, Puureau fell and knocked Barker in and fell in also.
"So just me and you now." said Lincoln.
"No, your not even real none of this is real" as he grabbed the milk bottle,
"Robots, they all were."
"Very clever Bones." said a mysterious voice
"Now Meowiarty show yourself."
"I don't think I will Sherlock, Just to make you suffer, anyway your surrounded."
Just as he says that Bones draws a hidden sword, and slashes at the Wraith and Spectre.
"Don't move I want this to hurt" says the golumn.
Thoughts rush through Bones' head.
Jab to the side, ducks, knees upward, kick, block face, punch face.
Bones gets the golumn in the correct position, and starts the flawless sequence breaking the golumn.
"Some of your best work really, Meowiarty."
"Why thank you." says the Cyrus borg rising from the floor.
As he said that Bones raises a pistol.
As he said that Bones put the pistol away and takes out a cane."
As an epic battle went on below, Meowiarty was getting to the major point in his master plan.
"Meowiarty, he's headless, your not giving up are you?"
Just as he said it a heavy fog wafted in and he fell asleep.
When Bones awoke, Meowiarty greeted him with an evil grin.
"I suspected it was you all along."
"I know Bones, I knew you knew."
"Chaining me up, really." he said as he look at his hands. "So what's the plan?"
"I have managed to concoct a formula to turn all dogs to mice."
"How original."
"Say all you want, all I need is a bit of Celestian science, which I have acquired,
so I may transmit this mixture, but I needed a test dummy, and look I found one."
"So let me drink it."
"And let me, let you knock it out of my hand, letting you excape no no no. A mist is more appropriate here."
"Okay go ahead."
Just then Meowiarty turned on the machine.
"It's all over now Sherlock Bones MWAHAHAHAHAHA."
Right then Bones kicked Meowiarty square in the jaw, hitting a lever releasing him, then punching him in the gut slapping him a couple of times, then hand cuffed him, and finally calling the authorities and Watson.

Later that night as the police arrived Meowiarty screeched"HOW?!?"
"Simple as that, you bought water from me for that machine not some fancy chemical.
"Well good bye Meowiarty see you when you manage to escape again."
"Great job" said Watson "I'm glad I wasn't there."
"Well it was simple enough."
"But how'd you sell it to him, I mean the water?"
"Do you really want to know Watson?"
"No not really but some day might you tell me?"
"Good night Bones."
"Good night Watson."

Much later that night Mallistaire freed him from jail and offered him a place as his right hand man, as long as he could retrieve the Krokonomicon. Little did he know he would probably betrayed, and killed.

and thus begins your part in the story, so go get that book back, and race across Marleybone, beat Meowiarty, explore, hate it, love it, it's your choice.

Happy Playing

Ancients Pets and Sharks

MY Crabs an Ancient

Yeah I bought a few mega packs before they were taken off
MY Crabs an Ancient
Plus Sharks are cool
Another installment of our Celestial Reveal image is available!
See attached, and next week will have an even bigger surprise!
from Friendly

MY Crabs an Ancient

Happy Playing

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Awesome Sauce, topped with Awesome Fries

Here is what I have been working on, See if you can see yourself. :P

Happy Playing

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Celestia in Marleybone

Do you know what this crab means?
What does late June, early July mean to do?
What does this mean to me?
it means the story is coming.
And for the festivities
I bought a Celestian staff 
and farmed my Crabling
and helping Destiny Seagem beat Marlybone 
I got the Brown Rat Magician from Katz Lab

Me ready for Celestia

Me is huge compared to Destiny.

Happy Playing

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Ya know how the world wants crabs, well i do to.
I dedicated my whole day to farming CFS (Crazed Forest Spirit)
and failed. 6 hours go to CFS for anger, now next time i'm on GIVE IT TO ME

Happy Playing