Wednesday, June 30, 2010


For years cucumbers, were the favorite pet snack of all the spiral. Being more healthy than a Hambrosia, tastier than AmbrOs, they were perfect.
To perfect.

Milo was minding his business one day when pets started behaving weirdly, they were climbing into the hot air balloon one by one, all the wizards were trying to stop there pets, but to no avail. The pets were leaving for who knows were. Milo knew he had to do something. He ran to the balloon and jumped on to it just as it lifted off into the spiral.

It was all part of the Bug Queens latest plot to destroy the spiral. with a legion of brainwashed pets with evil cucumbers in there stomach's. The cucumbers would also mutate them into horribly vile creature's of death and fire.
Milo knew he was going to Celestia. He knew there was a time machine there where he could stop cucumbers from ever coming to the spiral.

When they landed Milo made off for the ancient device and activated it.

How do I know this Story? Only wizards who were affected forgot, and since I despised cucumbers I didn't feed my pets them so i knew one day there were cucumbers and the next no.

So cucumbers really are evil

Happy cucumber free playing

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