Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why so Few posts from the Professional Theorycrafter?

You might have said to yourself recently "Why haven't I gotten more posts from the fabulous That Pyromancer, recently?" well the simple answer is I am a theorycrafter and I need story to be able to theorycraft, You might be asking this, "Wizard 101 is the best story I've ever heard! Why if you say that you need story to right, this isn't enough?" and my answer is this: The Wizard101 story is just to awesome, they fill in all of the details. Now this is where you say "What about the Morganth thing?" and I say That's just it, what about the Morganth thing?, we just don't know squat about her, other than two main things: she's a horrible poet and she doesn't like the ever so lovable me. Until the next bit of story comes out (which I expect to be soon) Expect the world from me, but for now, when I can only feed a bone to the Suntier I'll be eerily quiet.

Tenure for Dworgyn!