Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wizard 101 Noir: Episode 1 "Troubles on the Medium Grey Side of Town"

So this is the first of a many video series following Dolan Mistheart and his Lifey Noir adventures through the spiral. The Audio is a bit soft for episodes 1 and 2, and I hope you enjoy the first episode.

Tenure for Dworgyn!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An Ode to Games

Once a long time ago in the time of yore, bored little children sat and played with sticks, but then one day Poof!
Mr. Alcorn, made the game that started it all, a game that anyone could play. PONG.
And from there came this and that, from 4-bit, to 8, to 16, to 32, to 64, to1080!
Zelda and Mario and Samus and Kirby
Master Chief and War and All the FPS
And who can forget Ratchet and Sackboy and Zombies!
All of these can withstand the rain, and hail and sleet.
All of these are legend.
From WoW to Wiz101 and back again gamers play.
We play the day away
From Pong on the Atari to the NES
and the N64 to the PS
from there the XBox and Gamecube
to all of our present day glory.
No matter what our Age
No matter what our Gender
No matter what our Race
We play games

We Play the Games

For we are legends, villains, heroes, bards, thieves, wizards(woot), barbrians, robots, humans, lombaxes, and more.

Let it be known.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Challenge of Knowledge! *WINNERS*

The Winners Be Here! And They Have names!
The Correct Answers were
1. Meowiarty
2. Pigswick Academy
3. Candyland!
(you only needed 2)

The Winners!:
Richard Dragonbreath
Eric Lifegiver!
Chris Dragonheart!
Sean Fairypants!
Destiny Shadowhand!
Devin Shadowheart!
Micheal L!
Ela P!
Lets give them a big round of applause everyone :) your codes will there shortly :)

For this contest all you do is have to e-mail this address (isaac_otter (at) yahoo (dot) com) with your wizards name and the Subject Line as Contest - Knowledge, then answer these three questions :)
1. Who is the Main Villain of Marlybone?
2. Who is Ravenwood's Rival School?
3. Where do Gobblers and Lidia Greyrose come from?

The contest deadline is 8/21/11 so enter soon and have fun :)
(try to get at least two right)

Tenure for Dworgyn!

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Farmers Challenge * WINNERS *

THE WINNERS! (Please Note, Some Wizards May Have Won Twice, But Only For This Contest. They Will be Ineligible for the Next 2 Major Contests.)

Connor Mist for Choo-Choo Zoo with 1320 points
Belinda D for Sorcery Stones with 193973 points
The Wanderinng Conjurer for Conjuration with 3560 points
Alex E for Doodle Doug and Skull Riders with 7605 and 1460 respectively.
And the Winner of the Random Contest is... The Wandering Conjurer chosen by

Your Codes will be e-mailed shortly.

Reminder, the games have to be played in Wizard101 not at KIFG, the scores aren't the same.
Welcome to the first contest! This contest is a contest of skills. For this contest you must play mini-games in game! You can have up to 5 entries in the contest but only one entry on one of the games that are allowed. The Person with highest points in each of the five games WIN! Also another house will go out to  random entrant.

The Five games Allowed are: Sorcery Stones, Choo-Choo Zoo, Skull Riders, Conjuration, and Doodle Doug.

To enter this Contest you must take a picture of your score at the end of the game (picture taking guide here.)
and send it to this e-mail address "isaac_otter (at) yahoo (dot) com" (replace the at and dot with @ and .) with The Farmers Challenge - (the game you entered for) This contest will be open until 8-18-11 so make sure to hurry. 
Oh and Have Fun!

Prize Alien will be here to announce the winners come Friday Morning.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Camps! Oasis! Oh My! CONTESTS!

That's right! it's that time again to give away some GIVEAWAYS!
This time the prize is... 15 Oasis Camps! Now look at those lovely houses for a bit below :)

And look who is back, everyone's favorite Prize Giving Away Alien! He is here to help me give away prizes courtesy of KI :)

Contest 1: The Farmers Challenge! (Winners have been picked!)
Contest 2: The Contest of Knowledge! (Winners have been picked!)

Tenure for Dworgyn!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Tour of Wysteria

A Picture Expedition is about to commence, you ready young wizard?
More After the Jump.

Test Realm Open!

Welcome to Wysteria

Wysteria was once a trade post and pleasant enough small town in the Wizard City cluster, not too far away but of little consequence in the overall scheme of things, until a magical incident occurred that caused a crawling vine to grow and completely overrun the town.

Players who are level 25 or higher should speak to Merle Ambrose in his tower. He will offer you the quest "To the Registrar".

Pigswick Academy; Pigswick Academy is located at the heart of Wysteria and is a rival school to Ravenwood.

Inside the walls of this city a very special Magic tournament is about to take place and in your journey to solve the mystery involving the theft of an important school treasure it will be up to you to defend the honor and good name of Ravenwood School of Magical Arts! 

Pegasus Place: Normally home to a host of pegasus aerie, this street has been overrun by a wave of goblins and hobgoblins, fierce and horrible creatures who escaped to Wysteria by hitching a ride with some unwitting students. They have blocked off the street, run amok and caused considerable damage to buildings, and are storming around, menacing students and residents alike. 

Tanglewood Way: Tanglewood Way is ruled by the forces of nature. The gates are completely entangled with vines and seemingly are impassible, and two guards stand outside it keeping people away. Near the gate entrance is a crack in the wall that looks large enough to for a Wizard to sneak through...

Miscellaneous Updates

Friends Panel Updates
  1. Players will now see a confirmation window appear when they ignore a friend on their friends list.
Combat Updates
  1. School Symbols for creatures of the Spiral will now appear on the 2d Combat Menu. This will help with those really tall ones!
  2. School Symbols for Players will also appear on the 2d Combat Menu, but not in PvP.
  3. Players who are defeated in an area they have purchased with Crowns, but who have not purchased the common area of that world, will be teleported to Wizard City Commons upon defeat or flee.
Quest Updates
  1. The Wizard City Quest called "Triton Avenue" can no longer be declined.
  2. The Wizard City Quest called "Unicorn's Folly" can no longer be declined.
  3. The Wizard City Quest called "Ghost Hunters" can no longer be declined.
  4. The Wizard City Quest called "Fairies Wear Boots" can no longer be declined.
  5. Level 52 and Celestia quest "Door to the Stars" is now required before the player is able to accept "The Special", "Me & My Arrow" and "Time for Tea" from Ogden Peake.
Stat Updates
  1. Pet Damage Talents will now be properly reflected on the Wizard's Character Sheet
  2. The boost to Mana given from Mana Gift Pet Talent will now be accurately reflected on the Wizard Character Sheet
  3. The boost to Pip % given from Pet Pip Talent will now be accurately reflected on the Wizard Character Sheet
Spell Updates
  1. Dark Pact & Empower can no longer be augmented with damage increasing enchantments.
Shopping Updates
  1. Items purchased from the Crown Shop for Gold will now show the correct price when choosing a different color combination.
  2. "Transaction not Successful" message in the Bazaar has been changed to a more accurate "Sorry, this item has already sold." message.
Other Updates
  1. Players should no longer repeatedly appear to be downloading 'Angrus Hollowsoul" when in the Commons
  2. Some words have been removed from the Text Chat Dictionary due to their inappropriate use - remember 'swearing' around the filter is a very fast way to find yourself with only Menu Chat as an option.