Friday, August 19, 2011

The Challenge of Knowledge! *WINNERS*

The Winners Be Here! And They Have names!
The Correct Answers were
1. Meowiarty
2. Pigswick Academy
3. Candyland!
(you only needed 2)

The Winners!:
Richard Dragonbreath
Eric Lifegiver!
Chris Dragonheart!
Sean Fairypants!
Destiny Shadowhand!
Devin Shadowheart!
Micheal L!
Ela P!
Lets give them a big round of applause everyone :) your codes will there shortly :)

For this contest all you do is have to e-mail this address (isaac_otter (at) yahoo (dot) com) with your wizards name and the Subject Line as Contest - Knowledge, then answer these three questions :)
1. Who is the Main Villain of Marlybone?
2. Who is Ravenwood's Rival School?
3. Where do Gobblers and Lidia Greyrose come from?

The contest deadline is 8/21/11 so enter soon and have fun :)
(try to get at least two right)

Tenure for Dworgyn!