Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Tour of Wysteria

A Picture Expedition is about to commence, you ready young wizard?
More After the Jump.

Entrance to Wysteria
The Library
The Library
The Library
Giant Book
Deviously Handsom Wizard in Front of Library
Lazy Pig in Library
TreeMen Battle
Entrance to Tanglewood Way
Vine Covered Entrance
Wands + a Monocle
Hall of Battles
Portrait of a Cow
Portrait of a Krok
Disturbing Portrait of Ambrose
Portrait of Pigswick
Portrait of Mallistaire
Portrait of a Pig
Portrait of a Dog
Portrait of Diego
Art Professor
The Fountain that is the "Center of Magic"
Hall of Champions
School of Tempest
School of Ember
School of Spirit
School of Equilibrium
School of Frost
School of Chaos
Mysterious Hole in the Earth School
Mysterious Hole in the Earth School
Head Mistress Office
Head Mistress Office
Entrance to Pegasus Place
Barracks of the Wood Goblins
Ruined Hall
Pegasi Park Entrance
Pegasi Park
Pegasi Park
The Gauntlet of the Helephant

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