Monday, August 15, 2011

The Farmers Challenge * WINNERS *

THE WINNERS! (Please Note, Some Wizards May Have Won Twice, But Only For This Contest. They Will be Ineligible for the Next 2 Major Contests.)

Connor Mist for Choo-Choo Zoo with 1320 points
Belinda D for Sorcery Stones with 193973 points
The Wanderinng Conjurer for Conjuration with 3560 points
Alex E for Doodle Doug and Skull Riders with 7605 and 1460 respectively.
And the Winner of the Random Contest is... The Wandering Conjurer chosen by

Your Codes will be e-mailed shortly.

Reminder, the games have to be played in Wizard101 not at KIFG, the scores aren't the same.
Welcome to the first contest! This contest is a contest of skills. For this contest you must play mini-games in game! You can have up to 5 entries in the contest but only one entry on one of the games that are allowed. The Person with highest points in each of the five games WIN! Also another house will go out to  random entrant.

The Five games Allowed are: Sorcery Stones, Choo-Choo Zoo, Skull Riders, Conjuration, and Doodle Doug.

To enter this Contest you must take a picture of your score at the end of the game (picture taking guide here.)
and send it to this e-mail address "isaac_otter (at) yahoo (dot) com" (replace the at and dot with @ and .) with The Farmers Challenge - (the game you entered for) This contest will be open until 8-18-11 so make sure to hurry. 
Oh and Have Fun!

Prize Alien will be here to announce the winners come Friday Morning.


  1. The winners will be announced here, tomorrow :)

  2. OK, the thing said that IN GAME you will play mini-games because the scores arent the same

  3. They are slightly different, and besides you can't play Hot Shots at KIFG :)

  4. I think conjuration should be removed from the list, only because there is a way to get Virtually unlimited points in that game. (I am not calling anyone a cheater) but the top scores in that game could easily be the work of cheat engine.

  5. Truthfully I don't think people will cheat for this house :)

  6. I decided to extend the contest, Until tomorrow morning :/