Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mysterious Musical Artist Composes Soundtrack for New Wizard101 World

Mysterious Musical Artist Composes Soundtrack for New Wizard101 World

PLANO, TEXAS (APRIL 28, 2011) – KingsIsle Entertainment, creators of the award-winning online game Wizard101, announced today that the soundtrack for its upcoming expansion world, Wintertusk, was composed by one of the hottest young musical talents in the entertainment industry. Over the course of several weeks the company plans to provide hints about the composer’s identity, culminating in a final reveal timed to Wintertusk’s launch later this spring.

"This is a cool idea, because our mystery composer has a huge name in the music business but has never created music for a video game,” said J. Todd Coleman, vice president and creative director of Wizard101. “I’m really impressed by this artist's adaptability and talent. I think our players are going to be very surprised and totally blown-away."

To create the soundtrack for Wintertusk, the mystery artist composed seven original pieces of music, each representing a different facet of the upcoming epic storyline. Additional information about the world of Wintertusk can be found at

Wintertusk continues the storyline that began in the icy world of Grizzlehiem, offering a variety of challenges for accomplished Wizards and fantastic rewards such as new spells, high-level pets and exclusive loot. For lower-level players the expansion brings back the underwater realm of Crab Alley, continuing the story of the Crab King, newly returned from his musical world tour.

Wizard101 is one of the most popular online games in the United States, attracting more than 15 million registered users since its launch in 2009. Designed to provide safe and fun online entertainment for the entire family, Wizard101 continues to experience extraordinary growth and receive industry acclaim.              

About KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc.
KingsIsle Entertainment is a developer and publisher that specializes in creating high-quality massively multiplayer online games which provide entertainment for the entire family. Wizard101, KingsIsle’s flagship property, has received the Parent Tested Parent Approved Media Seal of Approval in 2009 and has been recognized by the National Parenting Publications Awards.  Wizard101 was named Best MMO of 2010 by Beckett Massive Online Gamer Magazine, Best Family MMO of the Decade by and the #1 Best Family Game of 2009 by  The company’s experienced and creative team is raising the bar in online entertainment by offering products with rich storylines, friendly navigation, top-quality art and fully-voiced characters. KingsIsle is headquartered in Plano, Texas, and has a development studio in Austin, Texas. For more information, please visit

KingsIsle and Wizard101 are trademarks or registered trademarks of KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Meister

For the past week, I've been trying something new. I made a new myth wizard, but my goal is to finish the spiral without any armor!

The journey so far:
In front of her schools native tree!

After I took this picture, I put that cyclops eye in my pocket.

Tenure for Dworgyn!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Theorycrafting: CodeName: Wizard 102

I'm not the first to try to find out the elusive details of KI's second game, and surely not the last, but where there are questions, there are more than likely answers, unless of course it's irrational.

What we know: Kingsisle has 10 jobs open for a AAA video game
No one other than the KI workers no what the idea is behind the game


Hmm, Well the game is not a sequel to Wizard 101, so don't go thinking that, it's supposed to be a completely different experience, mind you still family friendly. So what other games could they tackle?

1. The classic MMO

Oh yeah baby, it's happening.
What it would be like: Being that KI is story driven I doubt it would be anything like Free Realms, and ToonTown is similar to Wizard 101, so if it is going down this path expect it to be a game that isn't as open as WoW, Free Realms, or LotRO but is more open than W101, and  entirely story driven.

2. The Racing MMO
I'd laugh if I were you.
What are the chances?: Not good in the slightest, many classic MMO's include racing inside of them, so this one is out of the picture.

3. The "Creative" MMO
Bits and Bots, and Wizard Sticks.
What it would be like: Being able to create your own imaginative world for other people to play, Why not?

4. The ??? MMO
No, really, I'm serious.
You may laugh at me for mentioning W101 when I said it wasn't gonna be that, but I'm saying that W101 was the first of it's kind, so if KI can do it again, bravo.

Tenure for Dworgyn

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Create an Image..." Challenge! Winners!

Dear winners; due to a computer error (finally) you all revived the same code, so try the code and if it doesn't work e-mail me back( thanks for your cooperation.

After extensive nitpicking my fellow judge (who will remain anonymous) Have finally picked the winners, and they are (and please note this isn't relayed to Kingsisle):

Winner #1 Akash for her Tyrant!

While not many specifics were made I think it was expertly drawn. (based on the new producers letter it would be an excellent idea for an upgrade to Centaur)

Winner #2 Sara for her idea at the bodyguard!
Do you get tired of people porting into your home? Do you need a body guard to protect it? Well then you should get a BOSS for your home. The boss can be any spell card from your school and designed to have any spells that you do. Each boss should have a max of 4000 health and come with many healing spells. When somebody ports to your house it should pop up on your window that this person is at your house should the boss attack yes or no? Before the battle the boss should have an appropriate come back that you designed yourself. If the person dies fighting the boss they are sent to the commons. If they win they can enter the house. You should have to be at least a grandmaster to obtain a boss to protect your house. And it should be ( Unfortunately I have to say it) Crowns (or you can earn it from Malistaire or a boss like that).

My unnamed judge chose this one, and personally I was tempted to pick this one too, while I am pretty sure this will never be added, it's nice to dream :)

Winner #3 Nora Dragonsong for her Life Clothes!
(I'm a sucker for good drawing)

Winner #4 Mighty Quin74 for his idea at mini me pet!

I think it would be neat to have a mini me pet.  This pet will resemble the players features but will be bald with a grey mini me banded collar suit.  I guess it can give out a uncommon card from the wizard's school.

My co-judge picked this one, and once again while it wasn't one of my picks, it was pretty darn close, but the bald thing was well interesting.  But I love the idea, it'd be cool to see two of me (but both with hair, it's a trademark) running around willey nilley :)

Winner #5 The Eduardomeister (sorry he gave me no name so I made one up) for the Minotaur Wand!

My Unnamed Co-Judge Picked this as well

This would be a cool PvP tool for sure, having two schools on it, this would spawn different swords, staffs, and wands as well I'm sure. 

Winners go here to redeem your code :) LINK GOES HERE

Tenure for Dworgyn!

Friday, April 8, 2011

"One contest or Two?" Challenge! WINNERS! :)

Winner One: Dee Wright!

"I would like a Bengal tiger, named Papamene, so he can rule the rest of the streak of tigers alongside his new wife, Mamahaga."

Winner Two: Samantha DreamBringer!

"Headmaster Ambrose sent me to Krokatopia to track down the nefarious Malistare.  But sadly, my Mamahaga is significantly slowed down because of a lack of agility!  This is why I need the marvelous Bengal Tiger!"

Winner Three: Ellie Lightsong! 

"You want to know why I should receive one of the mounts?  It's because I'm completely full of marbukley. I know a lot of people say that, but with me, it's true!  Even as a child, whenever my great-aunt Denise would stop by, she would pinch my cheeks, ruffle my hair and exclaim: "What a little marbukle!"  Ok, so now you're thinking "What does that have to do with you receiving a mount?"  Well, I'm getting to that, promise!  I'm relatively new to Wizard101.  I've only been playing it for a couple of months, but I knew right away that it was the game for me.  It was the first online RPG that I had ever played that was as marbuckley as as I am!  And (as I've mentioned) that's really saying something.  The only thing I need to complete the cycle of marbukley-ness is a mount as full of marbuckley as the game and I am.  I hope you'll consider me."

Winner Four: JTJDJ!

"And *ahem*, the reason I deserve the beautiful Bengal mount is obviously because my Mamahaga said so! Don't ever mess with a Mamahaga..."

Winner Five: Scot Hexcaster

"Why i deserve this mount?
I deserve this mount because, I have never had one and it would be nice to go faster instead of walking. Plus I could swupift past everyone on my new bengal tiger. :) lol"
This was a really fun one for  lot of people, so until the final contest is over and winners announced G'd Night Folks! :)
Winners go to: Here to enter your codes
Tenure For Dworgyn!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"One contest or Two?" Challenge! Final Challenge. Be warned, this is crazy.

It is a very sad day when a prized alien leaves this galaxy to find his ( or hers, we were never really sure) home. But Prize Alien did just leaving me all alone, and lonely. Several words as letters as sentences. But enough of that, today I introduce The "Dual" Challenge! 5 lovely mounts will be given away in this contest.

So here's the run down: half of the challenge will be to correctly answer a trivial question, the other half is a bit more complex. You'll have to give one good (best term EVER) reason why it should be yours, and in doing this you must use one of the following made up words I just thought of,

1. Lifterdene
2. Marbukley
3. Swupift
4. Mamahaga
5. Theuiol

Sound difficult? well before you go crazily using made up words in made up ways here's the question;


What does tenure mean? I mean it's so simple, a trip to dictionary dot com would suffice.

E-mail me your answer to the question, and diluted reason why you deserve the mount. Just put with the subject header reading "one lump or two" to be entered into a random drawing.

e-mail, isaac_otter at yahoo dot com
Tenure for Dworgyn! *smile* :)

and to all that are concerned, all comments do come through, I keep them private to protect you from spammers, hackers, and evil doers.

Monday, April 4, 2011

"Your Favorite Dialogue in Game" Challenge Winners!

Prize Alien is sick today, so I have to all of the work around here today. Well the first winner is...
 Sleep Flowerd! and here is her quote from Sylvia Drake's Ghost; "Malistaire? Is that you? Have you come for me? It's so cold dark and I'm so alone..." - I love it because their storyline is so epic and tragic and all they ever wanted was to love each other(Sleep Flowered reason) 

And the second winner is Ryan! with his quote from Halston Balestrom "Ah! A new student! Welcome to the School of Storm, also known as Divination! For those who have chosen to master this magic are known as Diviners." Right away, you know that you have a good-hearted, enthusiastic, passionate, and peppy teacher in front of you, and you don't have a dull one like Cyrus Drake.

Your codes will be e-mailed shortly