Monday, April 4, 2011

"Your Favorite Dialogue in Game" Challenge Winners!

Prize Alien is sick today, so I have to all of the work around here today. Well the first winner is...
 Sleep Flowerd! and here is her quote from Sylvia Drake's Ghost; "Malistaire? Is that you? Have you come for me? It's so cold dark and I'm so alone..." - I love it because their storyline is so epic and tragic and all they ever wanted was to love each other(Sleep Flowered reason) 

And the second winner is Ryan! with his quote from Halston Balestrom "Ah! A new student! Welcome to the School of Storm, also known as Divination! For those who have chosen to master this magic are known as Diviners." Right away, you know that you have a good-hearted, enthusiastic, passionate, and peppy teacher in front of you, and you don't have a dull one like Cyrus Drake.

Your codes will be e-mailed shortly

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