Friday, April 8, 2011

"One contest or Two?" Challenge! WINNERS! :)

Winner One: Dee Wright!

"I would like a Bengal tiger, named Papamene, so he can rule the rest of the streak of tigers alongside his new wife, Mamahaga."

Winner Two: Samantha DreamBringer!

"Headmaster Ambrose sent me to Krokatopia to track down the nefarious Malistare.  But sadly, my Mamahaga is significantly slowed down because of a lack of agility!  This is why I need the marvelous Bengal Tiger!"

Winner Three: Ellie Lightsong! 

"You want to know why I should receive one of the mounts?  It's because I'm completely full of marbukley. I know a lot of people say that, but with me, it's true!  Even as a child, whenever my great-aunt Denise would stop by, she would pinch my cheeks, ruffle my hair and exclaim: "What a little marbukle!"  Ok, so now you're thinking "What does that have to do with you receiving a mount?"  Well, I'm getting to that, promise!  I'm relatively new to Wizard101.  I've only been playing it for a couple of months, but I knew right away that it was the game for me.  It was the first online RPG that I had ever played that was as marbuckley as as I am!  And (as I've mentioned) that's really saying something.  The only thing I need to complete the cycle of marbukley-ness is a mount as full of marbuckley as the game and I am.  I hope you'll consider me."

Winner Four: JTJDJ!

"And *ahem*, the reason I deserve the beautiful Bengal mount is obviously because my Mamahaga said so! Don't ever mess with a Mamahaga..."

Winner Five: Scot Hexcaster

"Why i deserve this mount?
I deserve this mount because, I have never had one and it would be nice to go faster instead of walking. Plus I could swupift past everyone on my new bengal tiger. :) lol"
This was a really fun one for  lot of people, so until the final contest is over and winners announced G'd Night Folks! :)
Winners go to: Here to enter your codes
Tenure For Dworgyn!

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