Sunday, April 17, 2011

Theorycrafting: CodeName: Wizard 102

I'm not the first to try to find out the elusive details of KI's second game, and surely not the last, but where there are questions, there are more than likely answers, unless of course it's irrational.

What we know: Kingsisle has 10 jobs open for a AAA video game
No one other than the KI workers no what the idea is behind the game


Hmm, Well the game is not a sequel to Wizard 101, so don't go thinking that, it's supposed to be a completely different experience, mind you still family friendly. So what other games could they tackle?

1. The classic MMO

Oh yeah baby, it's happening.
What it would be like: Being that KI is story driven I doubt it would be anything like Free Realms, and ToonTown is similar to Wizard 101, so if it is going down this path expect it to be a game that isn't as open as WoW, Free Realms, or LotRO but is more open than W101, and  entirely story driven.

2. The Racing MMO
I'd laugh if I were you.
What are the chances?: Not good in the slightest, many classic MMO's include racing inside of them, so this one is out of the picture.

3. The "Creative" MMO
Bits and Bots, and Wizard Sticks.
What it would be like: Being able to create your own imaginative world for other people to play, Why not?

4. The ??? MMO
No, really, I'm serious.
You may laugh at me for mentioning W101 when I said it wasn't gonna be that, but I'm saying that W101 was the first of it's kind, so if KI can do it again, bravo.

Tenure for Dworgyn

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