Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"One contest or Two?" Challenge! Final Challenge. Be warned, this is crazy.

It is a very sad day when a prized alien leaves this galaxy to find his ( or hers, we were never really sure) home. But Prize Alien did just leaving me all alone, and lonely. Several words as letters as sentences. But enough of that, today I introduce The "Dual" Challenge! 5 lovely mounts will be given away in this contest.

So here's the run down: half of the challenge will be to correctly answer a trivial question, the other half is a bit more complex. You'll have to give one good (best term EVER) reason why it should be yours, and in doing this you must use one of the following made up words I just thought of,

1. Lifterdene
2. Marbukley
3. Swupift
4. Mamahaga
5. Theuiol

Sound difficult? well before you go crazily using made up words in made up ways here's the question;


What does tenure mean? I mean it's so simple, a trip to dictionary dot com would suffice.

E-mail me your answer to the question, and diluted reason why you deserve the mount. Just put with the subject header reading "one lump or two" to be entered into a random drawing.

e-mail, isaac_otter at yahoo dot com
Tenure for Dworgyn! *smile* :)

and to all that are concerned, all comments do come through, I keep them private to protect you from spammers, hackers, and evil doers.

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