Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Create an Image..." Challenge! Winners!

Dear winners; due to a computer error (finally) you all revived the same code, so try the code and if it doesn't work e-mail me back( thanks for your cooperation.

After extensive nitpicking my fellow judge (who will remain anonymous) Have finally picked the winners, and they are (and please note this isn't relayed to Kingsisle):

Winner #1 Akash for her Tyrant!

While not many specifics were made I think it was expertly drawn. (based on the new producers letter it would be an excellent idea for an upgrade to Centaur)

Winner #2 Sara for her idea at the bodyguard!
Do you get tired of people porting into your home? Do you need a body guard to protect it? Well then you should get a BOSS for your home. The boss can be any spell card from your school and designed to have any spells that you do. Each boss should have a max of 4000 health and come with many healing spells. When somebody ports to your house it should pop up on your window that this person is at your house should the boss attack yes or no? Before the battle the boss should have an appropriate come back that you designed yourself. If the person dies fighting the boss they are sent to the commons. If they win they can enter the house. You should have to be at least a grandmaster to obtain a boss to protect your house. And it should be ( Unfortunately I have to say it) Crowns (or you can earn it from Malistaire or a boss like that).

My unnamed judge chose this one, and personally I was tempted to pick this one too, while I am pretty sure this will never be added, it's nice to dream :)

Winner #3 Nora Dragonsong for her Life Clothes!
(I'm a sucker for good drawing)

Winner #4 Mighty Quin74 for his idea at mini me pet!

I think it would be neat to have a mini me pet.  This pet will resemble the players features but will be bald with a grey mini me banded collar suit.  I guess it can give out a uncommon card from the wizard's school.

My co-judge picked this one, and once again while it wasn't one of my picks, it was pretty darn close, but the bald thing was well interesting.  But I love the idea, it'd be cool to see two of me (but both with hair, it's a trademark) running around willey nilley :)

Winner #5 The Eduardomeister (sorry he gave me no name so I made one up) for the Minotaur Wand!

My Unnamed Co-Judge Picked this as well

This would be a cool PvP tool for sure, having two schools on it, this would spawn different swords, staffs, and wands as well I'm sure. 

Winners go here to redeem your code :) LINK GOES HERE

Tenure for Dworgyn!

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