Monday, November 15, 2010

Cowboy Theorycrafting

Get along little doggie, With Celestia out, and all good things here, I though I might look ahead a year and a half.
All my wizard life I've wanted a world with outlaws, and cowboys, sheriffs, tumbleweeds, Cacti, snakes, snakebites, whips, the frontier, and cowboy (and girl) hats.
I know, It's a bit early to be wishing for a new world, but this has always been in my dream book, so don't judge me.
The world will be called the Suntier, one of the three worlds that holds the most powerful secrets in the universe.
The school of the sun.
My dream starts with this enemy, and I'll bring more soon.
Took me 1 and a 1/2 hours I:
His name is the Cacti Whipper,
one of the MOB's I dream of
He carries a whip and if you look really hard he knows a bit of astral, he's pretty low down in the MOB ranking for this Frontier world, rank 9
and would start out with 3 pips,
be able to enhance his spells with sun, and cast moon blades, he'll (actually I'm not sure of it's gender but I'll say he)be a creature of the school of fire, and be able to do phoenix, to dragon.

So here ya go, what do ya think?

Happy Playing

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  1. You know, a wild west world would actually be pretty awesome.