Monday, November 22, 2010

7 Fun Things to Do in The Spiral When You Have a Cold

7 Fun Tedious *Insert word here* Things to Do in The Spiral When You Have a Cold

1. Housing:
When you have a cold all of your brains creativity juices are flowing because it's thinking of what to do when it's better, so why not when you have a cold, let it all come out, and enjoy.

2. Sniping:
 It's tedious, it's boring, and let's face it it requires little to no effort. Go to the bazaar and you'll find yourself there for a few hours maybe even a day, looking for that one item to complete your house, or reagents that only crazies would sell.

3. Farming:
You just caught a cold and have a laptop and a good book. Log in, and start solo farming, turn off the ports and relax with a good book and beat the baddie. Repeat and Enjoy :)

4. Pet Training: Let's say you want a smarty piggle up to adult by nightfall, the bazaar should have mega snacks every so often (why do you want to sell them again?) Go there then go back to the dance game and train it till it drops. (and hope it gets a good talent)(go to petnome to help out or see the data)

5. Crafting: It's the most tedious thing you could ever do when you catch a cold, and the results are fabulous, try it and do your own thing. P.S. Grandmaster Artisan takes 990 stone blocks O. o

6. Writing on Your Blog: You've neglected it, haven't you, it wants to be cared for, now go embrace it. GO AND BE HAPPY.

7. Trying Something New: There's a whole wide world of MMO's to choose from, don't be bound to just one game.

Happy Playing

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