Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gardening, and the Story of How It Works

In Test, new content called gardening is going on, Moolinda Wu will summon you to her school so she can tell you about gardening.

She'll tell you to talk to Farley, a gnome in Golum Court, once there he'll tell you, that a seed is needed, so you'll run all the way back to Blossom for it.
She'll give you a dandelion and a short explanation.
Back at Farley, he'll explain the 6 types of plants.
Seedling: First stage of life, and starting to grow.
Young: Just bloomed and cannot be farmed.
Mature: Can be farmed at random times.
Elder: once farmed it disappears, better harvest.
Wilting: can be brought back with 30 energy. But it will turn into a seedling.
Dead: all it be is plowed over. No harvest
There are 10 ranks of farming, and at each rank new gardening spells become available
 They cost gold so no need to worry.
I am at rank 4, and would like to show you an example of 11 elder honey sickles.
You can plant in pots or in soil, if you have the spell for that.
Gnomes help with harvest, they make sure that plants have better rewards.
Gardening takes pet energy, so it's probably one or the other,
you could always buy energy in the crowns shop though :)
Happy Trails :)

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