Friday, November 19, 2010

Cowboy Theorycrafting Day III Manders Don't Wear Boots

Once you saved the town, you'll come across a camp of outlaws, so you'll need to lie low, until a mander outlaw, spots you. He doesn't report you, but begs you to help him.
He speaks, with the voice of a speedy mouse you might know.
This is JahHova JambErs, and he is your only hope of escape.
He is timid, and has great hopes of being a great outlaw, but he'll need your help to get there.
The outlaws only want one thing and there is a hefty reward for those who find it and JahHova knows it's the only way, so he gathers info and tells you where to look in the desert.
Once you find the artifact, he'll distract everyone and you can escape, but at the exit you run into Big Hallabar, the leader, to pass you must beat this cheating boss, who has 12, 000 HP and know dragon, storm lord, and cheats rebirth.

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