Sunday, November 14, 2010

I feel F A B U L O U S

A long, long, long time ago when dragonspyre came out, I was in Wizard City, being a newb, not having anything but the few phrases I could say. When I got to the dead world, I got my first taste of Talking.
A guy dressed in newb clothes asked me to a PvP match. I wisely looked at his stats and said, "no".
The stats of my gear
That was the first word I ever uttered. But I digress. I had no intention of ever getting my grand gear except for my robe, and that's all I got(not including rings and athames) , until a month from Celestia. I got my hat, I was so happy, then a month passed, and the test went lived, for the first time ever, I farmed for my clothes, The boots dropped first. A week later, both the hat and robe drop on the same day, the hat dropped so early I couldn't express joy, and the robe I didn't realize it dropped, so I said "darn". I then said, I did get it and put it on.
My archeologist warrior look.
I stitched everything together, and I got this
I was overjoyed at having all three of the items of clothing in my possession, and the look of it, how do you like it? fitting? well done? pie? :D?

P.S. my ice got the gear
Fitting :D

Happy Playing

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