Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Suntier~ The Two Sun Rises

As I hurried over to the seamstress, I saw another fellow in need, so naturally I ignored my current task to help a random stranger. He was a big man in a red suit, he would have looked looked proud if he wasn't crying. Before I could speak he saw me and started looking proud, " WELCOME YOUNG WIZARD TO THE TWO SUNS EXTRAVAGANZA! WE HAVE ALL TYPES OF FUN HERE! (but no one ever participates) WOULD YOU LIKE TO SINE UP FOR A SPOT IN THE LIMELIGHT!?" I accepted his quest, I mean a boat load of gold all to entertain some people? what could go wrong.

A lot, apparently. The cirques was more a crude arena so I figured, oh great, it's the hall of champions all over again. But this time it was different, I could go back to repeat quests for there gold, and I had to unlock quests with gold to access them. the first enemy was the cactus king. It was a fight for the ages. but after a few efreets, treants, and dragons, I won.

As I left the tent I heard the man yelling, "COME BACK FOR MORE, WHEN YOUR READY KID, THE CROWD LOVES YOU"

After that experience, I went over to the tailer to go get suited up for another big adventure...


Happy Playing

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