Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011: Predictions

January: not much... Small chance of a small hint towards future workings
February/ March: Year in Preview: Big Expansion news, Bonus Content news
April: Test Realm for bonus content late this month
May: Bonus Content goes live
June: Big preview for Expansion
July: Secret content goes live/ everyone shocked
August: Not Much...
October: not much...
September: heh (forgot this one) BIG BIRTHDAY BASH! Hats, decor, and sales galore :)
November: Test Realm opens up and everyone explodes
December: Live realm up and people wonder what's next...

Short post: I expect 20% to be dead on.

Why am I writing like this: IDK
Why is this so short: My creative juices dislike me.

Look a Banana: Goes Ape
---------------------------:Dash Dash Dash: ---------------------------
Happy: Playing


  1. What are your predictions for September? That month isn't on your list and it's w101's birthday/anniversary.

    Alura HexCaster

  2. He did u dumb ass read it!