Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pet Racers The Shrinking Effect

It's a dying sport.In the beginning, it wasn't even that popular, but some people miss it, but do to lack of players, has gone dead. Pet Racing needs people, a group, to help get the derby up off it's feet.

I decided one day to start up an old hobby of racing, so I grabbed a random teen, and waited for 30 minutes, to get an unresponsive opponent.

I could wait forever but sadly I only have 24 hours, and I despise wasting my crowns, so I feel I have to duel for my moneys worth.

I don't really like PvP, I'm good, I just am not a big fan of it. But I digress.

If you would like to become part of a movement to bring back racing in the spiral, e-mail me, twitter me, leave me a comment, anything to raise awareness for racing.

I have a vision, where people care about all talents (except Mana Gift) and try to manifest Spiffy Pop, a guide for racing, entire ladders of competition, ect.

Everything deserves a chance, and we never gave this one, how will you respond, I have no idea, but we need a movement, not a small one, but one as large as gardening is.


  1. Isaac,

    You bring a *really* good point up here. I remember being excited (and also not excited, having known the failures of other MMOs' racing mini-games) about being able to use my tiny Wizard101 companion for something other than its card(s). Unfortunately, a lot more emphasis was placed on creating PVP pets that the Derby was pushed from my mind, much like for many other players. I do remember and enjoy waiting for the challenge of competing with 3 other super derby pets.

    Maybe like with the PVP parties that we have here and there, the Blogosphere could hold some Derby parties?

    Then again, another factor that goes against the Derby, but works in the Arena, is that the former cannot have an audience; it's confined to just four people. Another is that there are quite a lot of bugs; ones that allow a random pet to sprint backwards over the finish line (tricking the game into thinking it completed one lap) and forwards again, which then calls that pet the winner.

    Perhaps if there was more attention being paid to the Derby from the developers, the sport could kick up again. Thanks for writing your thoughts!

  2. You have got a good point here, man. After all, nobody does pet derby. I did 50 matches and got no one to join the match, so I agree. But who the heck would listen to me, a level 35? Definitely not people like level 50 or 60 of even 45s and up. I just need to level up, but I
    cant defeat this one dude so I cant get people to do it.Sry man but I just cant do it, I don't know why but I just cant kill that dude that will get me a bunch of level ups, like 2.

  3. You havent posted in almost a month. Some dedicated blogger.
    Lucas Deathcatcher

  4. -Lucas, I have been away from blogging for about two weeks two think about the new and original. I've been planning some posts, and writing others, many will never see the light of day, for I feel they can be found somewhere else, or someone knows way more, there is a saying in the spiral community. Life Comes First.

  5. ...? Cryptic language much?

    Lucas Deathcatcher