Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back to the uh... Thingie muwhozits

After a nice little break from the community I'm back, more or less, and ready to take on the task of being a featured blogger. In the past I have written dinky one paragraphers that I was not proud of, but that is now over. I'm gonna try to do it like I would for school, conduct research, hypothesize, and be a nut-job.
Wizard101 is taunting me right now, for I have a no/little purpose for it, and that means I GOT NO NICHE. but that's personal problems, but unti; I find one, my posts will be a bit all over the board.
and for the meantime watch this video of an exploding potato

Now that that's out the way I wish to say hello to my alter ego ME who criticized me on twitter, and now will here too

"or will I"
"You will"
"I quit"
"You're under contract"
"Darn the luck!"

happy playing :)

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  1. Decorating houses is fun... or farming, or crafting, or gardening, etc. :) just giving some ideas