Sunday, October 23, 2011

Theorycrafting - We're Going to Africa Maat.

After doing a bit of research into Australia I quickly deduced that in fact we are not going to Australia any time soon, but I did find out where we are going, and that place is Africa, South Africa specifically. Being that both the Sun Palace and the teaser for the new world are both South African. I believe that the Sun Palace is a hint of what the new world will be, so what I'm saying is that the new world will be based on the power of the Sun magic. I theorized on this a while back, and said that there will be five worlds in this new story arc; Celestia, one for each of the three magics, and a final world where we meat Morganth face to face. It would seem that the main inhabitance of this new world are Elephants, but I also expect to see Lions, Leopards, and more Rhinoceros' and Giraffes.
These guys will be everywhere, just for aesthetics.
Also there is one more animal in South Africa, he's always been there, our friend the Big Game Hunter. Our Striped friend will finally be able to tell us his story, and see his home world. I'm curious to why he left this paradise in the first place, was he exiled? Or something far worse?

After a bit of searching throughout my home, the Sun Palace, I've come across a strange statue, and have a few theory's about it. This statue resembles a Lion, sitting on a throne, looking godly almost. The lion in pop fiction has always been the king, so I suspect that the ruler of this world based on the Animal Kingdom will have the rulers be Lions. I mean the statue even has a crown!
"The King" ~ Artist Unknown
So this also means no Suntier (darn) but for me there is always hope for a western, but now it looks to me that going to Africa is our next big step in stopping Morganth, and it will be awesome!

Just somethings I hope for
- A real challenge, from beginning to end, and no ginourmous exp. rewards
- More Morganth
- New Sun, Moon, and Star spells
- A long, and surprising world
- A conclusion that gives us an idea where this wild ride takes us next

I'll post my ideas for level 68 spells next weekish or earlier

Tenure for Dworgyn!

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