Thursday, September 1, 2011

General Ramblings: Games in General

What's the one thing that really irks you? Is it a person, a thing? well for me it's that feeling of wanting more games. I try to refrain from buying to many games, but it's getting harder, I know I can beat games, sure, but I want games I can play. Like Wizard101. Wizard101 is the only game I haven't given up on, and after almost three years playing, I'm not stopping soon, but enough of that. I've started a new Project for me, that I will broadcast to you regularly called Wizard101 noir, you may have seen the last post I put up, and basically there will be more of that.
Meet Dolan Mistheart, Spiral Private Eye
But I digress.

Games to me are like, Candy to me, I buy them, enjoy them, and move on, but Wizard101 isn't like that, it sticks with me, only a few other games can do that to me. I know What games I want, and I know that I'll blow through them, games like Bastion, and Half-Life 2 are suppose to be amazing, but they are also relatively short.
Games are also like books, it's hard to play them through again, and have the same feeling over, and over, and over... but if you don't read over and over, you may miss something, same with games. I played Portal 2 several times before I got done with it, and truely I'm still not done with it. DLC is coming soon to it, but that's maybe even not 1 month of game play.
One of the few games that don't get me bored.
Games to most people are a tough sell, even to gamers, some of us don't like racing games or sports
games, and even card games! (gasp) Putting down $60, even $10 can seem pricey some times, and it is. I usually try to limit myself to one game a month, but more than one good game comes out a month, how do I solve this dilemma?
Games I need. And it goes on, and on, and on...
Having a good job can solve this problem, but then there's the problem of eating. And sleeping. And going to work to buy more games. The realization every gamer goes through is that, we love games, and game companies love money, and so do we.It hurts us every time we buy a game, even if it is good, and that won't change until everything is free.

So ramble.. ramble... ramble.... I thin I've taken up enough of you're time.

Tenure for Dworgyn!


  1. I can't agree more..
    Plus, I am really enjoying Wizard101 Noir so far! Very funny, and spooky at the same time.. And I can't really tell if you're putting on that voice or not.. haha.. O_o I look forward to more. :P

  2. I have this problem of Sims 3. But i'm 14 so I don't have a source of income. So I wait for holidays. I'm like 4 expansion packs behind. Nice post!

  3. I have the same addictition of u isaac and i never get off! And i also figured out a cheat to get free membership but i dont use it because i dont want people annoyig me and freakin reporting me :(