Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Wild West is in the Spiral, but not in W101...

I was looking over the pictures for Pirate101, and saw black ravens, and eagles in Western Garb, so I was thinking... Is the Western World really here? I think it is, and it it seems awesome!
Only two pics were on the site, and both were on docks or ships, so the inner world wasn't showed off much, but the background showed a Grand Canyon-esq vibe seen here:
Not the Suntier, so I shall dub thee Sonorain!
So what might this world include? Well not knowing how the P101 worlds are set up in comparison to W101 worlds I'll look at it objectively.

If I were making a pirate game based around Ships, A western world wouldn't really fit, unless the outlaws were also Pirates, so more then likely we'll see Billygoat the Kid, and several other outlaw puns. 

So you ready to Pirate up? take on the west? I know I am. Post your thought down the comments area \/ \/ 

A Yo-Ho-Ho from Captain Avery


  1. It could also be "Down Under" world. Australia would make a bit more sense because it's a big island, than Wyoming would. LOL!

  2. I heard they called that world "Cool Ranch". It was annouced on the blog Wired.