Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Did Somebody Say Polaris?

I was looking through the admins over at Pirate Central 101, and noticed two things, one is that The Prospector is back, and the other was Napoleguin was on the list, that sounds like a mix between Penguin and Napoleon doesn't it? What does this have to do with Polaris you may ask? Well Everything about Polaris points to a world made of Ice.

Ice, for those who don't know, is the school that won the original battle for the spiral, that is before Bartlyby put them to sleep. I actually doubt that will come into play here, being that this was dealt with in the Grizzleheim arc, but I like little history lessons.

Now a better question is whether this is a world for W101 or P101, or maybe both. On the Pirate101 site they mention Polaris several times and Napoleguin on the forums, but in Wizard101 they often mention it they way they used to mention Wizard City, Krok, Marlybone, Mooshu, and Dragonspyre together, but that's just observation. They could split the world into two, half of the world is a French port, with pirate captains and navy pilots, while on the other side, rugged mountains and penguin tribes... but this is altogether not likely.

My guess is that it will be a Wizard101 world, and Nopoleguin will be a captain sailing throughout the spiral. While nothing is certain, I expect Polaris in W101 over P101, mostly due to the fact of how often it is mentioned.

Tenure for Dworgyn! and a Yo-Ho-Ho


  1. Alex LegendFlame. (Blaze's old friend)May 24, 2012 at 10:46 AM

    Hey I remember you... I think you Know Blaze SilverFist. Well If you get the chance tell Blaze to check his comments on his Posts please.

  2. It would be interesting if Nopeleguin was like Napolean, especially since Napolean marched through egypt, and Maybe Napoleguin conquers Krokotopia?