Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Brief History of Wizard101, and My Brief Story

September 2008: I wasn't here at this time, but In Wizard 101, the biggest thing ever was happening. bigger than CL, DS, and GH combined. It launched.

October 2008:  Wizard 101's first patch went live. I still wasn't in the spiral, but in fact the game changer for me happened during this month, Pay by Area was released.

November 2008: Isaac Mistheart was born to the spiral, around the end of the month. I will never be sure of the date, because i expected myself to be done and finished within a week, and I was for a while, but it was never un-installed, I did play it weekly, but with only easy chat available to me I wasn't really into it.

December 2008: I remember seeing that tree in the commons for the first time, wondering if there would be a gift for me under there. and by that time I gathered that there might be crowns in the chests, so that may be what kept me on, but then again, maybe it was the knowledge I was a minority in a game that would soon be one of the biggest games in United States, but then again I didn't have that knowledge.

January 2009: I don't think I did much this month in Wizzy, I didn't even try out PvP. I didn't get to go to DS, I was still level 11 wandering about like so many others, not knowing what came next.

I stole this.                  From W101 wiki*
February 2009: 30,000 crowns, and not a single on anything frivolous. I broke in that month, and am still ashamed of what I did to get what I wanted, I got angry, I still wonder if it was the right thing to do, It made bringing the game up hard for several months, only when I needed crowns did I muster up enough gutsy to ask.
Something else happened that month, the first major milestone: 1 million players, and thus everyone got what would be one of the most exclusive pets. ever. except for the pets that were given in compensation to the people who experienced the crash of September 2008, a day that will go down with a lot of curious lookers.

March 2009: By now I must have been in Marlybone because I don't recall voice acting, it was there in game, but not everywhere.

April 2009: I left the game, I really did. for about a month I was stuck at Katz Lab, it was this month that the little yellow "helper"showed up, also best friends feature too. If you'r wondering why I couldn't beat Katz Lab, it was because I was still that little boy who ran around in the commons from time to time. only having easy chat.

May 2009: I finally pushed myself to conquer Katz Lab, and run short again, I was stuck at the first area in MS, not for it was difficult, but I was out of crowns. then later that month castles came out, I remember getting more crowns to finish MS and to test out, the test realm, the timing was perfect, i didn't even realize that the test was close to coming out this was also the last test where they gave out gold instead of crowns.

June 2009: Summer was here, and I was at yet, another stand still, for another month, and this would be one of the hardest yet... TBC

Happy Playing


  1. If you want to know the exact date you joined, you can find it on the W101 message boards or e-mailing Kingsisle :). I have a similar story, but I don't know what happened to my Storm Beetle. Probably sold it a long time ago. Grrrr :P


    Blake Lifewraith

  3. @Anonymous Look, people will post on their own time. For all you know, he could be very busy IRL. IRL business is more important than blogging. Also he could be running low on material. Try it yourself sometime. His awesomeness as a blogger doesn't just count on as many times as he posts :)

  4. ... It makes me kinda mad when i see people walking around with hatched storm beetles. I guess its because I got one from the Fiona Ashblood (the millionth player) thing and they seem "fake" when you hatch.

    Lucas Deathcatcher

  5. you can fake a storm beetle? sheesh.

  6. I got a storm beetle i joined the same month as yiur isaac and i was like you said the little boy running around in the commons, in fact i didnt een kniw that the storm beetle was rare i just bought it abd now i am constantly looking for people to hath with cause i feel bad. Bout those people who want obe so ba abd dont have one.:( -carlos moongem,blah blah you t it