Thursday, March 17, 2011

Theorycrafting: Grandmother Raven

First off who is she, and why is she so famous with everybody except you, the ill-informed viewer?
Friendly Raven, or Terrible Mutant spider?
Back when we were all level 10 we might have wandered into the library, and we might have seen Boris with a "!"over his head. But then again you might not have, but if you did this would've taken you on the quest "Roving Reporter". That quest would have given you "The Trees", followed by the quest "Old Men". In that quest you would be told to talk to Gamma, Merle, and then finally Bartylbe.

In the quest where you talk to Bartylbe, he tells you about a raven who helped him create the world.  This raven was Grandmother Raven. They also created the Dragons, the Tritons, and the Giants. These three beings spawned off into their own races, eventually destroying the world and making the spiral.

See, his eye IS gone. I think an eye patch is in order.
Later in the timeline Grandmother Raven has disappeared, along with Bartylbe's eye. It was originally thought that Mallistaire might have the eye, but it has since proven false.

So perhaps She has it, or even she controls all evil and good throughout the spiral.

Another thing, it is still unknown weather this world will be a side world, or a main world, although it is supposed to have features for both new and experienced wizards so evidence goes to the side of side world.

In Wintertusk we may learn about these mysteries and more, but for now we can only wait.

(Here are the official update notes stolen shamelessly from my e-mail)
The upcoming Wizard101 World will be called Wintertusk.  
Wintertusk will complete the epic storyline that began with Grizzleheim. 
The update will offer new things to do, and areas to explore, for powerful high-level Wizards AND lower-level students just beginning their adventures.  
Some of the things that players will have to look forward to with this update include:
•    Brand new areas for high-level Wizards to discover and explore•    New spells•    Level 58 class pets for each primary School •    A revamped underwater introduction zone for lower level characters. This area will continue the story of the Crab King. •    Many additional surprises (we are saving some of the best details to reveal at a later date). 
Tenure for Dworgyn!


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