Monday, March 14, 2011

Theorycrafting: Frogs

"Question: Inquiring minds(Question to KI)
Where do the frogs such as Prof. Balestrom and Thurston Plunkett,
come from?

Answer(From KI)
Halston Balestrom and Thurston Plunkett were exchange students in Marleybone. Roommates, even. Where they are actually from... that’ll be revealed someday."

A world...... with frogs?
Okay first the facts,
we all know there are *5* frogs found throughout the spiral (*Another frog has come up to be interveiwed since I first wrote this post.)
Example One:
Thurston Plunkett
Explorer, studied at Marlybone, needs a cane.
He's gonna drown you know, frogs aren't water breathers.

Example Two: 
Halston Balestrom
Teacher, studied at Marlybone, needs a cane.
Why do all frogs need canes? I mean seriously.
Example Three:
Humungo Frog
Obese, Earth-sized, Needs an antacid
Ghost versus Frog. almost like Pirate versus Ninja, but messier.
Example Four:
Private O'Connely
Frog in disguise, cares for fictional and delusional characters from books
The way he stands there, all the time... *shudders*

Interview One:
Street Sweeper
Street Sweeper.png
The mythical giant frog of um... that one place
Mistheart: What do you do for a living?
Sweeps: Why I'm a chimney sweep of course!
Mistheart: I see, where are you from?
Sweeps: Say, why are you asking me all these questions? That's a family secret!
Mistheart: Sorry Mr. Sweeps, this IS an interview, but if this wasn't a family where would you be from?
Sweeps: Candyland of course! Everything is FREE!
Mistheart :Is that all?
Sweeps: Of course not. CYCLOPS ATTACK THIS WIZARD!
Mistheart: Go. Efreet. 
Sweeps: darn.
(we also tried to interview the pet, but unfortunately it hopped away)
What we learned, A new world is either in concept or in production, with frogs in it.
Where do frogs live?
They live in...
Atlantic Cedar Swamp,Red Maple Swamp,and Pond
What does this mean? Well either there's a swamp in our next world, or a rainforest.
What we learned: Our Next world will have many biomes, for we don't want that whole water thing again, perhaps even a factory world where Morganth opened up a place where all sorts of cheap merchandising junk is made.

But until then
Tenure for Dworgyn!


  1. This post was hilarious! Had me in stitches. Great post, loved the notes about Thurston and Halston (Notice a naming convention?), Arlen will especially the note about his Humongofrog :). This was an awesome post :)

  2. I think Plunkett used that Water-breathing potion before being attacked...somehow. Tell froggy to stop eating wizards :P (plus there's one more; the Frog pet)

  3. Couldn't help but audibly giggling, while reading this post. Nice!

  4. Homungo needs a breth munt. Haha good one