Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gurtok the Oni + Celestia

So I asked Mr.Demon over there
if he was related to the War Oni
They look practically the same
Heck all Gurtoks and Oni's look
practically the same.
Maybe there all step brothers, or servants?

After the rest of the bloggers posting this
I decided to.
I was the first one to discover these
two new silhouettes in the backround
(other than at Central, but I didn't look
Plus That Crab looks mighty intelligent.

Happy Playing

1 comment:

  1. Yea, that gurtok guy was easy to beat my health went 2,983 to 2,000 around that and I was able to kill him I just kept attacking and judged (judgement) him once.

    Also, I forgot to mention the helpful mander balance's main minion casts elementl shields, donates pips etc. So, yea he shielded me and I shielded him most of the time lol... He is a great buffer and he makes your opponet fizzle.

    You know if you learned tower shield you could have also used your regular fire shields and one of the ice shields 70% to fire, storm...

    I think I'll make a youtube vid of me soloing him...