Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Crazy Run Through the Warehouse

(sorry about typo)
So Last night I successful completed the Warehouse.
Everything as going well until...
We just beat the two rats and healed ourselves,
The enemies healed themselves, but they already had full health.
Everything was going well until the shields on the healer (Michael Owleyes) were gone.
Next thing we know he's K.O.'ed.
Our ice wizard timed out after he healed Michael and Michael died again. (He didn't do much, I'll tell you a line later)
Next thing I know there's a Life henchmen (sorry about typo) on the field after I am dead and Michael is once again back after a lot of life K.O. stuff..
We trust in our new friend to flee and make it back to the tower before it's too late.
Michael dies again.
Our henchmen is still there surviving and as all hope is gone our new BFF comes back Perhaps saving the day,
A few rounds later Michael throws a wrench in to the Machine, he's limited on time, like ten minutes.
Our henchmen dies, then we summon a ice henchmen.
Our new BFF says something like "To bad [ice wizard] left, oh wait all he did was shield himself in the last ring"
"Well the henchmen better than [ice wizard]"
I die, Michael only has five minutes left.
I flee and miraculously make it back.
Final boss only has 2000 health left we would be feeling good but Michael only has a minute left before the plug is pulled, BFF puts a prism on since were both fire two helephant's later, 300 health left and thirty seconds left
a final helephant should do it, i fizzle, but what is this HENCHMEN SAVES THE DAY!!!
He attacked with his rank six spell and wins the day for us.

Final stats

5 seconds left
three people
Minion beat Boss
Lot's of joy

Happy Playing

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  1. He attacked with a rank 6 spell? Kestrel, was offline we were fighting Tumok (Malistare) she has her minion and mines and the Sprite Minion healed me with a Satyr!