Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why Where Not in Celestia

I could say KI doesn't care but they do, they really do.
many of my friends can't wait for Celestia, but if it were here now would it be as good as it could be?
No, they are putting a lot of love into Celestia, making every area hand crafted,
Grizzleheim was hand crafted but, only had five main area's, Celestia will have like fifteen immense hand crafted area's.
Hand crafted area's are what makes the worlds so spectacular, Wizard City had bits and bops of hand crafted pieces,
as well as Krok, Marlybone, and  Moo Shu. Dragonspyre was the next step in hand crafted area's, with every area  having a hand crafted part and and a part that was built like a lego structure.
Then came Grizzleheim with entirely hand crafted area's, huge hand crafted area's.
Now from what I can gather, in Celestia not only is everything hand crafted but we can swim, and that's the epiphany of gaming. A bugless swimming mode. What could be better.
A brand new second part to the story promising us more worlds to try and stop Morganthe from gaining rule over the spiral.
And possibly much, much, more.

If it was out already would we the entire package?

Happy Playing

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