Thursday, May 20, 2010


 P.S.Ignore the announcement if it doesn't relate to you.

As I was over at Autumns blog, I realized I was a player long before DS.
It makes me wonder; how many others knew Wizard 101 without DS
Maybe less than 1 million, Oh My How has the game grown,
Every part seems essential
Nothing makes it not work
but to realize all of the comforts we Wizards have today, that they didn't have back then
makes curious of whats to come that will one day be just another part of our Wizard lives.

Happy Playing


  1. "Yeah, back in our day, we had to cast in the snow, barefoot, and uphill both ways!"

  2. I haven't been around that long, but I do remember no housing, or mounts, or GH, or mana marking, or teleport stones...
    Ah those were the days.
    (Just kidding, I like it so much more with these things!)