Friday, May 28, 2010

The speculation of 8

Well I've been thinking of the Rank 8 Spells
So I made a Pic of each
 Volcano/ Fire
8 pips
500 hit
1000 over time
Hit all

 All Seeing Eye/ Myth
7 Pips
600 hit
See opponents next move for rest of match
Hit all

Mirror Shield/ Ice
9 Pips
100 Damage
Half damage taken for rest of match
Other Half attacks enemy
Affect all on team

3000 to one enemy
550 to rest
8 pips
Hit one affect all

Black Whole/ Death
9 Pips
Take half of enemy's health
Hit one


Good Luck/ Balance
X Pips
Better chance of getting school related gear
Affects all on team.

What do you think of them
Happy Playing

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