Monday, May 9, 2011

A post that includes nothing!

Hi there and thanks for visiting that link you just clicked on :D. If you are wondering who I am, I am Isaac Mistheart~ Professional Theorycrafter/ Lvl 60 Pyromancer. Why did I right this post? I have no idea. But I'll take you through my process of writing a blog post.

It's funny, sometimes I stare at the new post screen for hours on end and nothing happens. I'ts true. My mind stops working as I stare at the emptiness of the page.




This is when my mind turns on to other games I've been playing, such as Mario, Portal, The Game, ect. and the books I love.

Then I realize That I'm supposed to be brainstorming.

Then more nothing happens.

I get so bored of nothing I go explore the wonders of the Internet. As I've discovered there are a lot of "wonders" out there. (I mean distractions)

Then I close my browsing window because I've opened up 25-40 tabs.

I then give up.


My other plan is that whenever a sudden rush of genius hits I drop everything and start typing.

And that is how I write my amazing posts. :)
(I hope that you get these 2 minutes you wasted here back one day)

Tenure for Dworgyn!


  1. Curses I lost the game too. Isaac I didn't know you even played the game.