Thursday, May 5, 2011

Theorycrafting: Cutscenes

In Wintertusk there are a total of two cut-scenes. In other worlds there are zip. So I propose to give KI ideas where to put them in worlds. At a graphical standpoint this would be really hard do to the fact that Wizard City up to Celestia use a older processor and might not be able to handle the awesomeness. But without that fact Here We Go!

Cutscene 1: When We first come out of the doors to the commons doing a pan shot of the entire area.

Cutscene 2: When Bartylbe's mouth is opening it pan's around all of Ravenwood shaking then finally his mouth opening.

Cutscene 3: Panshot of Krok areas

Cutscene 4: From top behind to Dramatic rumbling in a sweeping shot at the entrance

Cutscene 5: The confrontation scene swooping from Bones to the reluctant helper.

Cutscene 6: Zoom through glass to top of tower to reveal 3 silhouettes. (Mallistaire, Meowiarty, Agony Wraith)

Cutscene 7: Panshot of Mooshu

Cutscene 8: After the Jade Oni is defeated a new cutscene opens up to where the emperor wakes up.

Cutscene 9: After making it to Cyrus, pans around the Dragon Titan from a distance.

Cutscene 10: At the final crucial moments the Camera slowly goes toward the Dragon Titan with dramatic music. 

Cutscene ??: Yet another panshot of Grizzleheim to show off the immenseness.

Cutscene ??: The whole Raven Treachery Scene in motion much like the Bones confrontation scene.

Cutscene 11: Pan shot of Celestia.
Leave comments of what you think :)
Tenure for Dworgyn!


  1. Ok so like... This is pure genius!!!! If Wizard101 was like this it would be wayyyy more interesting and cool xD I am soooo happy someone decided to come up with an idea like this xD
    You can expect to see a post about this on my site soon xD

    All credit goes to you man xD

  2. Here is the link to the post about this XD ejoy! :D