Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Theorycrafting: The Arabian Nights

In roughly 101 days I expect a new world to come out. Yes this is an ambitious idea, and I have no idea of KI's timetables, but that's my guess. And unless you have been living under a rock you probably have seen this photo:

It is what you may think it is, that it is a new world. The reasons I believe this is that there appears to be nailed down objects, such as the trees, and large digital objects, such as the palace and waterfall. You may scream Celestial Observatory, or MFP but note, they had no nailed items.

One more thing to note, this area in the photo does not actually look like a finished area. note some of the lack of detail.

AND another thing, this is not the Egyptian style as in Krokotopia, but Arabian.
Now for some lose ideas of the story.
I did some minor research on Arabian mythology and found some rather interesting facts.

In Arabian mythology there are three sister goddesses. One was of the Sun, one was of the Moon, and one was of the Fates (for all theorycrafting ideals lets say the fate is in the stars).
This would mean that there was a goddess for each of the astral schools. This also opens new opportunities for Morganth; scourge of the Spiral.
The names of these Sister goddesses were; Al-Lat(Sun), Al-Uzza(Moon), and Manat(Stars).

There were two other gods who might fit the moon and star role, they are in order; Ilmuqah, and Naila.

I also suspect these elements might play a large part in the Story of this new world due to my gut:

                    Oh yeah, I went there.

  • Hypnotized, and or Greedy Bandits
  • Sultan is your best friend
  • Marlybonians are not involved
  • We will learn more about Ambrose and Morganth
  • New Astral spells will be introduced
  • PvP people will complain that Storm is over powered no matter what
  • New pets, pet snacks, levels, plants, and gear will be available
  • KI will throw a curve ball at us, in a way we never thought possible
  • The new game will be announced soon after this world is released

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Tenure for Dworgyn!


  1. Isaac,

    Did you do BriskBreeze? The guy that you saved says that "Krokotopia is next" and it looks like KT.

    ~Kyle FireGem~

  2. @Kyle; yes I did do briskbreeze, and at this point I would have to say that there is no connection to this and that. While I do expect more Challenge towers for every world, this just isn't a Krok style. The Arabians, and Egyption cultures are very different, even if they both happen to be in a desert.

    ~That Pyromancer :)

  3. I think KI kind of forgot about briskbreeze prophecy. "Krokotopia is next" He warns, except for the two little worlds of Celestia and Wintertusk that came before that.

  4. @Malorn You forget that most people thought that they (KI) forgot about Grandmother Raven.So who really knows ;)

    ~That Pyromancer

  5. @Malorn I think that prophecy was hinting towards the CL preview quest. But I am not sure.